Monday, April 8, 2013

No Garlic No Onion ?!

Monotony is the typical constraint in all streams of business and undoubtedly media of today is not exceptional. Yes. They believe that they imbibe boredom if they happen to communicate the same news or coverage over a longer span to the viewers. Expectedly, this business perception strategizes and influences their TRP rating to a greater extent. Best recent example which we can think about is our popular Aam Aadhmi (Common man). Yes, the leader of Aam Aadhmi party, Arvindh Kejriwal, was on fasting for the past fifteen days for a social cause which most of the people are unaware. The reason behind this is the lack of focus by our reverent media channels. They don’t want to grind the already ground flour with the fear that viewers will lack the interest. Despite the fact of his strong positioning among the Delhi voters, the issue is worth enough to be communicated.

Just retrospect and traverse your contemplation a year back.  When the first national level agitation against our national epidemic disease corruption happened, all media lens were focused on this gentleman along with a true patriotic old man.  Fortunately, gathering of people also occurred for the same cause which bolstered their coverage. Tardily, the momentum of the agitation slowed down in due course with series of Lokpal issues and consequently the concentration of news on the issue by the media channels also went down.  They got thirst of catching another hot issue and left that out since no more captivation was observed. Also, as everybody knows, the competition in the media channels is not actually on reflecting the genuine happenings but to maintain so called the competitive advantage higher TRP rate.

In fact, even on newspapers, the space provided for this news is narrowed down since they ought to consider this issue with the least importance. Most of the people are unaware why this gentleman is actually got into this fast.  Just to put light on the reason for his fasting, it has two objectives. The prime was to condemn and push the Delhi Government to reduce the inflated power and water supply bills in the city. His constraint is that most of people in the lower middle class and below that par aren’t able to pay their hiked power and water supply bills since they are struggling hard for their livelihood with the burgeoning cost of living in the capital city.  Another objective behind the fasting is his strong positioning as a “social activist” on the minds of the soon-to-be voters of imminent Delhi election. He responded that there are around ten lakh people who supported his agitation signed that they won’t be paying the power/water supply bills. By considering this as the success of his motto behind the fasting, he has relinquished the fasting.  This time, unfortunately as well as expectedly, there was a poor crowd gathering throughout the fasting period unlike IAC agitation. Of course, we think this isn’t a national cause as if we are worried for it. Eventually, the story has been considered as a trivial one this time by our reverent media channels.

Not only this issue, many  other issues like Delhi rape case, Lankan issue, 2G, Coal and many more went out of sight of our media before the actual issues expire. The follow up coverage is completely lacking with the same heat which make the viewers to lose the catch of the issue itself. The prime reason for poor validity of these core national issues on media channels and long lasting validity on Bollywood and dirty political games is that they have no onion and no garlic toppings. When they last, they aren’t spicy enough to viewers because of monotony. End of the day, TRP matters more for them, neither you and me, nor the genuineness in the news they communicate!!

My question is now to Justice Mr. Markandey Katju who always used to sensitively roar about all the sensitive issues about media waves, “Are you snoring now?”.  

Monday, April 1, 2013

Real Wild Heroes !

Craze on Hollywood busters always keep people excited and stay freaky. Supernatural heroes on those flicks make all the impossibilities possible to inspire the audience and they are kind of successful most of the time. With their tremendous adventures and actions, they execute the imaginations of their fans on the screens. Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Hulk, X-men, Avengers and many of these kinds of unnatural personalities are down to earth to safeguard our world from the evils. I have no clue how many times these people save our earth from those immoralities. But still, there is the same scale of excitement with furore when the movies of these heroes are screened.

Between, there is an uncommon person who exists in real world but not able to inspire as supernatural humans do. Yes, he is one of the real adventurous human beings on earth. He used to travel almost all possible intemperate places on earth with every possible threat and perturbation over there. He struggles to traverse, to sleep, to find something to eat and in fact to stay alive in the forest or desert or whatever kind of place he has got into. He doesn’t have any supernatural power. He hasn’t born with any extraordinary weapons. He doesn’t know to fly, blow fire, magnetize or in fact he never uses so called technology to survive. He literally fights with nature and stick to apish survival which simply makes us to freeze while watching his life. He does the real adventure when he traverses. He does the real action when he kills his time, scary animals and   weird ambiences.  He is the real survivor no matter whether the world is fittest or not.

Yes, your guess is absolutely correct and the wild man whom I am talking about is Mr.Bear Grylls who is the enactor of ‘Man Vs Wild’ on Discovery Channel.

Yesterday, I was watching one of his episode on a deep African rainforest where he was dying of hunger and so was searching for few fishes on a stream of water with a dim camphor light in the night. Finally, he has caught some weird fishes and cooked them with his campfire and slept in his bushy tent which wasn’t ample to help him out from the heavy rain which showered terribly in the midnight which ended him up completely wet in the morning. Between, there came a break in the show where there was an advertisement for upcoming Superman sequel movie. That made me to contemplate about the personalities which have unfaltering influence on our lives.

In fact, expired Aussie wild adventurist Steve Irwin also has inspired me a lot with his bravery involvement in intrepid activities with wild creatures. Unexpectedly, his own passion on wild adventures has killed him. There are many more people like these two who aren’t known to us since we enjoy more in watching people who kill the unsubstantial baddies and safeguard our planet.  

So, we could also spend at least fiddling time in purveying recognition to these realistic heroes and could popularize them as we do for the sequels of the Tinsel-town superheroes!

Worth of rethinking about it !!