Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Great Indian Dream

"What is our National Animal? National Bird? National sport? National fruit? National Anthem?", we have been nurtured with similar many national symbols or identities of India since puerility which primarily shape the perception of India to the World. But, there is no 'National Dream' defined by any of our countrymen as such, just like any American or Chinese has. Though the fundamental thought behind every Indian is to foresee India as a Developed nation, there is no collective dream to achieve in the years to come. Different people have different thoughts, assumptions and roadmaps in their own ways towards their self-driven ideologies. But, the objective to be accomplished by us, as a country is still ambiguously positioned in the global stage.

Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has first coined an ad hoc dream to the Indian youth by defining 'India 2020'. His book has some foundational bricks to cultivate the thought of building a National dream amongst the young population of the country, although a strong message hasn't been constructed to the external world in his book. Our prime Minister's 'Make in India' serves the purpose to some extent of reflecting the fact to the world that India has become a destination of plenty of Manufacturing Business opportunities for Global investors and 'Swach Bharat' also in its own means creates a new internal perception yet not strong enough to claim as the Great Indian Dream. Consequently, we need to define and derive a positioning of a typical Indian's dream to the global audience which has to be the fundamental aspiration of every citizen of the country.

James Truslow Adams is the guy who has coined the term 'American Dream' in his book, "Epic of America" in 1931 which has been powerfully defined and inscribed in the thoughts of every American. The positioning was shaped at the right time when America was under great economic & political depression like India since late 80's. Later on, it was redefined by various leaders at various times based on various revolutions. According to few historians, the basic idea is that every American, regardless of birth, should be having equal opportunity to achieve what they are capable to do. Everyone should be seen, treated and recognized equally for whatever they are, they have achieved or reached and referring to their position. Few people even think that American dream is nothing but attaining a wealthy lifestyle through efforts of hard work. For others, it is something beyond materialism but just a matter of living simple, happy and fulfilling life with utmost faith & equality. It is also claimed as the dream of liberty and the land of unlimited opportunities.

In spite of multiple assumptions & definitions, the association of every American towards the dream and its positioning in the global stage has been consistently rewarding. Every American wants to live the American dream which has been inscribed in everyone's thought process potently in whichever way they have assumed the concept. In fact, this dream is now traversing beyond the border and most of the colonial countrymen wish either to live in America or to live its dream lifestyle. This substantiates the success of the dream!

Recently, Chinese President, Hu Jintao has globally declared the Chinese dream to the World stage. It is nothing but the very fact that China to become the greatest power in the world. At least, he has fueled his own thought as the country's national aspirational dream. He wanted the Chinese citizens to aspire for this dream to shape the country as the most powerful in all means in the world. He wants his countrymen to energize their productivity in Manufacturing, Services and defence system of the country by having this dream as end objective irrespective of their background.

When and what are we going to have one of similar kind for our motherland? How long are we going to chant the same monotonous rhyme of 'Unity in Diversity' and feel satisfied throughout the life time? When are we going to aim for a bigger agenda? Without a dream of American type, our national ambition of becoming a Developed nation would ultimately be a lacuna. Are we still unsure whether we have attained a state of economic and political stability to start focusing on a national dream? Definitely, needn't be. Because, if we await, we are going to be the stargazers ever. The craze to live an American dream should be transitioned into the Great Indian dream.

It can be any of the following, enhanced version of 'Make in India' global campaign, India to become an  Investor friendly destination, Corruption free country like Anna Hazare aspires, Agri-fueled land of inclusive growth as M.S. Swaminathan dreams, Poverty alleviated nation as Kamaraj dreamt, Literacy rich country or a land of equality. Last one could be a pipe dream considering the diversified attitude of our country in terms of equality & opportunity, yet revolutionary revision in the sensitive high voltage reservation system to be strictly revisited before buckling up for any dream of equality. It is high time that the political stereotypes shouldn't be allowed to last any further to ensure the Great Indian dream gets recognized at least after a couple of decades. In any case, if liberty & equality are not being realized from the all strata of the Indian society, the Great Indian dream would be an everlasting dream of the era.

A dream concept has to be cautiously coined at the earliest by the Government of India encapsulating the opposition standpoints also to gear up in the Making of 'Inclusive India 2.0'. With the average age of an Indian being just 29, the entire world is daunted on looking at our impulse to grow exponentially. So, it is imperative that we need to translate this Himalayan strength into the greatest aspirational potential. With more than 30% of population below the line of poverty, our most of the table discussions should be on the line of deriving a universal dream for a common Indian to enhance the state of his lifestyle rather than political & Bollywood gossips. It has to break the Indian traditional segmented perceptions across the communities to derive a new constructive agenda for the country's prosperity. If we are hesitant to define the bedrock of the Indian future, the glory of the generations to come would go for a toss. Although it is indeed a herculean task for the Government, the incumbent one can give a hard try as it has an historical legislative majority which is the most unlike situation in the offing for any party in India. If not now, it would happen never.

So, what is our national dream?

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