Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Never loose the cake walk Mr.MSD!

It is the time of the greatest cricketing spectacle happening in the sands of mother India with the endless zeal all over. More than billion hearts dreaming perennially for the same reverent trophy and of course sunny one too. We don't want the misery of 1996 again and cricket freaks are not in a position to get complacent this time.

With loads of expectations and prayers, MSD is leading his guys in the grounds. Two solid things behind this preciosity of Indian freaky crowd are the promising batting line up and the master blaster’s farewell fair play in this prestigious series. To be unfeigned, the second one is more promising than the first one.

From the league matches, it is crystal clear that unless MSD tries different tweaks in the bowling scenario to bring it up from its allaying phase, the hope has no point in lasting among the Indian fan club. It is not a big deal this time to overcome those Aussie tags.

The ultimate cynosure here is whether blue whales will let the champions out of the semis floor. Just a while wait indeed. Let us stay fingers crossed to bleed blue.

Never lose the cake walk Mr.Dhoni ! Our prayers and cheers are always stay on your stands. Just three tosses ahead! Bring the fame as Kapil did.

Go India Go!