Sunday, August 5, 2012

I Wanna Be a Stupid!

“Who are you?”  It was a question thrown to us by a seeming simple gentleman on the session on “Life skills” in the induction week of my new b-school life. Indifferent answers stroke everyone’s mind in the class that we intended to disclose our name.  Few did it. Few got into scientific streaming and answered “I am a human”, “Human being”, “Animal”, “Animal with sixth sense” and some moved deeper and responded “Homo sapiens”, “Mammal” and finally everyone ended clueless as he went on negating our answers!

Before answering his query, he requested all those people who are mentally below the age of 18 to walk out of the class! 

Later he stated, “This is what science and society taught you all these years. But still I wanna ask ‘who are you?’ “. We stayed with our emptied minds to listen to him. Then he revealed what we supposed to say, “You are INSIGNIFICANT! Yes, you are! Also, you are nothing in this world. You have nothing and no one with you. You are unfortunately cornered to be ALONE here!”

We were completely perplexed on his statement about us. He started with his justification.

“You might think that you have many people around you. May be your spouse, parents, may be your girl or boy friend, your friends, siblings or whoever in whatever entities of love. But still, they are meaningless when you start contemplating from the perspective of reality. Yes, this is a factoid! World is extremely huge and survival of human species is something beyond the existence. Your existence is INFINITE! Because, you are existing over the hugest denominator possible and your evolution has the greatest influence in you rather than yourself. “, he recited.

There was more than a pin drop silence in the class. Everyone got into their bewildered thinking about themselves and ended up with empty solutions. And, we kept heeding to him.
He justified with a math sticking to it. Yes. Anything with the denominator of infinity becomes infinite again! Our existence below the infinite existences of earth makes us infinite! So, he rationalized his justification and very first time I made sense to the philosophical application of Math to our life! None of my math teachers from kindergarten has taught me how to apply it when it comes to life. 

He also stated, “Even after interpreting this untold and unfelt truth, if you want someone to guide or motivate, you are none other than a STUPID!  Yes, you are! His diatribe kindled our unrevealed realization around us all these years.
He also said that to survive in this life of insignificance, you need to make yourself SELF MOTIVATED.  No one is there to disclose our pathway to move on. Everything is ours and we are everything for ourselves. Just have to learn to live and survive alone. Nothing is persistent and permanent as well. He said these add-ons together comprise our maturity level. He also stated that he respects each and everyone's maturity and he believes in it.   

It was indeed a painless psychological slap to almost all of us. His inert philosophy had frozen our thoughts for a while and stuffed the lacuna in our undiscovered intelligence. He went on stating many mysterious things throughout the session which were more than philosophical means to follow on.

He described the complete global evolution beyond spirituality and ended up in tagging that only two natured entities exist in the world. They either stick to dacoity or prostitution and he came up with his own solid justifications for them!

To be unfeigned, we were completely in a different world throughout the session. He might seem simple but he is such a down to earth superlative gentleman composed with intense DNAs.
Yes sir! We were seriously stupid until your session which was an eye-opener to almost all of us.

And, I cordially wanna be a STUPID if someone like you motivates me!

Let me be another Ekalavya to get to learn intense stuffs from you without your knowledge in this new journey of my life! 

The personality about whom I was describing was Rishiraj Dasgupta sir! One of the esteemed faculties of Vanguard Business School!