Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Whats up with Aishwarya Today ?"

There are a number of people here in a "Fingers crossed" state for the past few months and keep praying for little master's mission of crossing hundredth ton and nothing matters for them if tons of people expired at AMRI or at Jammu!!

There are a number of people here who keep conceiving intensely all the time about SRK's next flick and awaiting ambiguous status of Rajni Sir's impending projects but still they never have the habit of bothering about what kind of crusade is happening in their mother land by the counterfeit of "Democracy" and "Secularism".

There are people here who keep hashing out about Rahul's ex girl friend and Kareena's next boy friend but still don't find time to get to know about what has been done by parlimentarians at Delhi and economists at Mumbai.

I wanna pull out the collar of one among these numbers spending MOST of their life in these trivial stuffs and ask him/her "Do you have any idea about What is inflation? or Where do we Indians stand in Global stage of economy or development? Are you aware how many are ditched down below poverty line everyday? How many are food-less and shelter-less here? What is the average salary of an Indian?" Would they really try to say something ???

If you are happened to drop down blindly in a place from a chopper where people never think out of cricket, bollywood or dirty politics, in no time you can figure out the place as INDIA. This is what is traditionally happening over here.

And this traditional tool is the sole cue for the recent firestorm triggered against the India media by most reverent critics including the new chairman of Press Council of India Justice Markandey Katju. Hopefully, if my above empirical description is almost appropriate, more than eighty percent of people must be unaware of this gentleman. This blind state of rumination among most of the Indian minds is the primary cause of the legitimate Indian media with ample stuffs in their box to keep their TRPs high all the time.

Yep. Even I go with his saying. Indian media is almost Rotten these days which results in very dangerous outcomes. Transparency of media is wilting to a greater extent. Time to sort out the things in damming the issues which are acting as sources of useless exaggerations in the recent days.

BEA (Broadcasting Editors Association) is slamming Katchu's Statements against the media over lapsing. Let us just pause and think for a while to get more pragmatic whether we find justification in BEA's diatribe over Katchu Sir.

Please turn your clock back for a while and just get remembered with those issues happened in the recent past. Do you really think that the tone and the tenor of the Indian media anchors were same when they spoke out about the issues like "2G scam", "Radia Tapes", "Cricket world cup season", "border issues happening between India and China" or about "the contrary issue of removing the essay about Ramayana written by A.K.Ramanujam in Delhi University" ?????

If you contemplates into it, a huge "NOOOOOO" sign board might hit your mind. Despite the fact that the huge success of naive NGO "India Against Corruption(IAC)" during Annaji's 19 days fast in the month of August is deliberately because of the same Indian Media, it never gets the people the appropriate news with appropriate transparency unless it reaches their Target Rating Point. I wanna ask those people who keep blabbering all the time about "Lokpal", "How many of you aware of Ralegan Siddhi? And Hazare's contribution towards this place?" No media has disclosed the social welfare contributions of the same fellow other than this IAC initiation before.

But why now? The answer is again TRP !! Now,they need him to reach and compete with higher TRPs with their counter parts. With this cake named "IAC", all the news channels made a huge turn over on all the 19 days as a report says.

They keep you posted as the "BREAKING NEWS" about Swami Agnivesh joining a reality show for the whole day but the news of huge crisis of inflation in Indian history has been exterminating lives of many in Manipur has been televised or written with as much trivial importance as possible !!

Let me disclose another recent flick which hit the world history. Yep. Devastation of Muammar Gadaffi in Libya. Why it happened all of a sudden? Started with Iraq, recently Egypt, Libya and it still continues by the most universal fake tag "Revolution". Can anyone able to contemplate beyond the actually stated reasons? Do those people were really suffering with their dictators and kick started these revolution stuffs?
Western powers needed it to happen. And so the western media validated with the favorable reasons and stories behind. And now, Iran is at the cross hair and those Ayatollahs would definitely be declined in the offing with the preemptive measures of Western countries. What would Indian media do? Undoubtedly, would repeat what the western media quote about as it did in the past cases of Egypt and Libya!! Now, the destiny of western powers of the conquering middle east is favorably happening with the help of Indian media too !!

Coming back here. It was the same Indian media which had applauded the iconic personalities like MF Hussain, Taslima Nasreen and many, yet again shamelessly drenched them hard when they were censured for contrary issues !! And in 26/11 issue, why the media focuses were more towards the Taj and Trident but never bothering much about the people lost CST station?

And on the memorial of the same day this year, they are remembering about those NSG heroes like Hemant Karkare who have relinquished their lives for the nation just for a while, but an hour discussion forum has been televised about the box office scale comparison between Ra.One and Bodyguard !! So whatever happens, their intention is ultimately "Making money out of information despite the extent of fact" !! They keep misleading the people very far from the realities to keep their channels hot 24*7.

And this media has the sole responsibility of the decay of many traditional sporting events here only because of mere exaggeration and promotion towards an event with mere bat and ball. If CSK and MI are playing on the ground, who will bother here if some athlete picks a Gold medal in running or wins the championship in Hockey ?! The lower media projection towards these games is primarily because of lower advertising revenues which matter for them more than anything.

It is getting more transparent these days about this squalid Indian media which simply paid well enough to cover or write more favorable about the articles of business magnates, political icons and tycoons. The media which has to bring about the correct tracking records of corrupt issues is itself corrupt in many cases.

"Peepli Live" best described it !!

Anyways, Indian people are no more dumb morons in listening to these spineless exaggerations all the time. Thanks to Internet advancement and reachability, which brings out certain undisclosed truths and facts which are being mislead by Indian media. And still, the inability of the media is always proven in India in certain cases. Recent archetype is the election prognostication from the media happened in Tamil Nadu during when it was said that there would be a tough battle between the two political giants DMK and ADMK. But, DMK was completely decimated in the end. So, media never make it all the time.

To move towards the possibility of Raghav's "Revolution2020", we at least need the media clean to make this country clean.

If we are still bothered about the stuffs like "Whats up with Aishwarya Rai Bachan today? Does her daughter start giggling? When would she make an entry to Bollywood?....", the media crisis would keep moving on this same track with no deviation.

As Katchu Sir says, We need you to make us bother about the vivid issues but not the trivial ones !!

Please take this as a red alert issue on India's behalf !!

So, BEA, Just Rethink !!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Krish from punjab and Ananya from chennai. They both fall in a relationship and we all liked and pinioned ourselves in their travelogue of romance in "Two States" with at most curiosity as if we were. Of course, their relationship is ethical and Social and altogether beautifully described by Bhagat. Every page touches our heart. There was some soul licking factoid beyond mere lush between the two which made this book to make you craze.
Despite the fact that this penned romance is his very own life, it is worth of reading, rather i say "Living". Anyways one among those people who dropped cherish comments about the relationship between Krish and Ananya, delivered the worst comments about the relationship between Karthik swaminathan and Yamini.
"What the hell kind of movie is this? Selva became mad or what? Worst theme ever to be considered in a movie. Relationship on friend's dating friend (to be girl friend). Quite irking man. I will never ever recommend anyone to watch the movie and bla bla blaa!" This is what all about the movie "Mayakkam Enna" described by him to me. This bewildering comment made me to watch the flick the very next day and I did.
And, my mind framed contrary comments on the same movie and asked him "What the hell made you to think so ??" Might be, I am not good in judging movies. That might mean my perspective of foreseeing the movies is quite rational and would deliver the comment to people whatever I feel and most of the times it won't match with the wave length of many. And hence, this time is also not exceptional. My perspective about this flick is again quite positive and not indifferent as said by many.

I personally feel that the movie is critically made without flaunts for those people with extra scale of maturity to traverse their minds beyond mere understanding. It was not all about flirting one's best pal's girl friend. It just happened in their minds and how could he dragged himself into it. The "state of mind" is the culprit which kicks you out in all instances of life and the same happened in karthik's mind and Yamini's as well. And Kudos to selva who beautifully carried over such an awkward theme throughout the whole track which I feel not such an easy job. And matured diligence is delivered both by "Kolaveri" fame dhanush and Richa. Beyond beautiful lens eye, the movie is worth watching. Provided, you realise yourself of such a psychic personality of Karthik which rests on most of the minds of people. As the caption says, if you are a person with the attitude of "following your heart", you would reveal with dare that "I do like this movie". "Following your heart" not makes sense only in relationship but in your career too !!

Yet another latest flick about Janardhan Jakhar a.k.a JJ a.k.a Jordan so called "Rockstar". One of those recent movies which has seated close to my heart. Yep. It is again seemingly an irrational theme of relationship with an 'about to be married' woman and persevering the same even after her marriage.Also, doing "not supposed to be" kinds of things throughout. It is absolutely a ridiculous fact to think of it, if you think in a petty way. But when your contemplation goes beyond maturity, the stance between Jordan and Heer would materialize your mind. "Jungli Jawaani" and those Prague stuffs might feed fun parts in the movie but the relationship between the two is intense and could not be understood if you never make your scope of understanding beyond being existing. Ranbir made justice to this censuring character beyond the scale of points. Again many negative and dejecting reviews have been thrown towards such an oracular movie. Unless you interpret the theme, you won't enjoy it.

And yes, "Pain" is ubiquitously needed to achieve goal or success you want !! History reveals it. Most lock breakers fall under this category.

Certain unethical facts and truths can be realized rather under standing only if you think beyond your social life!! Unless you feel the above thing, you cannot enjoy watching these movies !! Seemingly, we are yet to think out of being social and also dismaying ourselves inside this undisclosed box.

I wanna put forward a sarcastic saying that "Everything happens to everyone". Delivery and disclosure of these happenings is up to you how you take it or make it.

Now, coming back to "Two States". Do you think revealing personal life specially romantic one to everyone and making it as an open book is logical? Social? Or ethical ? Doesn't sound odd to you? If you really think so, your perspective about the above movies must not be negative. Because, the story about two states which made you to read is the author's real personal life. According to social ethics, you were not supposedly encourage in reading the author's personal life but you did.

Still, above two movies sound awkward to you? Can you make sense out of it? My comparison might seem enigmatic to you. But, try to make sense of it.

I am not a kind of personality with a mindset that writers never disclose about the happenings of their own life. Let them whatever they want. They must be out of scope on everything.

Philosophy says "If you like something and no one is hurt in achieving the same thing, JUST DO IT and YOU ARE MEANT FOR IT". And, psychology says "More than ninety five percent of us never follow the above philosophy".

When someone says "Life is once. Never miss it", the next moment we start to think about missed ones. Literally true. And in most cases, those "missed ones" are made only by not revealing the extent of love we had with them. I mean the probability is more in this case. "Unsaid" things play a greater role in our life rather than "said" ones !!

To be precise in describing my thought to those who never understand anything out of reading the whole stuff, I wanna put forward the simple thing below.

There are THREE STATES of mind.
One thinks only about good stuffs.
Second only about bad stuffs.

And There exists a third state which subsequently interprets "between the two".

Though most of us fall under this third category, we fail to realize the same in most of the times !!