Monday, June 6, 2011


Democracy! Born some 63 years back in India seems to be in its dimishing phase these days. No one can deny this fact on seeing what happened at Ramlila Maidhan on saturday late night.
Is this the way to treat the people of a democratic land?
Is this the ethos behind the concept of democracy?
Is this the way how a government vouchsafe its people for their rights?
And many more queries pinged on my mind on watching those horrible stuffs happened at Delhi on my telly despite the exaggerations of the media.
Not some hundreds in that multitude. More than fifty thousand people were lying on the mydhan thinking of that they were contributing something for the good cause of their motherland on that occasion. It has encompassed women and children too.

Delhi city police did not even think of the fact that those people were on a hunger strike and were static and sick for a long time due to starvation. Pushing and torning out those people at late night made any sense for them? How dare they were ordered to latthi charge on them?

Baba Ramdev ! A media centric figure for the past few days. Who is this fellow? Why suddenly he grooms up for this social cause? The thing here is not whether he is a geniune in person or not? He might be politically motivated to do these ramp ups but the principle behind the ramp up seems to be quite reasonable to all the people of the country. This might led many more people to join his agitation despite his Yoga diciples.

He might be a luxurious religious leader who travels in jet flights and stays in five star hotels. And many more favours or rumours pump up to depict him.
The crux here is, if the government found him geniunely imperfect, it might have banned the allowance for this hungerstrike movement before it has created the peers. Must have forged the people and media about his approval of the place only for "Yoga preachings" before he start up.

Why all these jinxes come out too late to us? Only after the meet up of Ramdev and Sibal on saturday noon? If Baba really assured of getting back his hunger strike at 5 o clock in the evening in their meet, Kapil might have announced the same in advance that legal action would be taken against him and the supporters of his agitation if he would continue still, to the so called serpent weapon "media".

Digvijay singh ! Suddenly this fellow appeared for media and digging some crappy things about Ramdev that he himself is not a geniune and he has lots of criminal offences. We should not allow him to do these kinds of non senses in our head quraters and bla bla bla.
Mr.Dig ! We are not in a debate of deciding whether Ramdev is geniune or not? Why the hell Delhi city police behaved so rude on those innocent people that night? Make a valid answer for this debacle else "Chup karo !". No more blaberings needed from your side.

Seems Honourable Home minister Mr.Chidambaram is on summer vacation with his family. So, we are not suppose to disturb him! Have fun man !

Hello Mr.MM Singh ! Are you really there? Don't you have time to watch what is happening in your country? When you have plans of making you erect from the inclination of your government towards an Italian?

Corruptions from all sides. We are yet to digest the clever witted response from this UPA government in the last meet up with Annaji's panel for introducing a new scope to execute the Lokpal Bill in the late August.
No judicial, No Legislative, No Administrative hierarchy would be involved in the scope of the bill. More than a funny design made:) An idealogical approach from an IIT brain. Awesome Mr.Kapil Sibal. You really deserve for what you have done. It really shows that your UPA government is working hard only for the cause of "Aam Aadhmi" and for no one else. Hats off UPA.
Following this, again a Morass at Ramlila Maidhan.
Keep going. You have yet more to do.
Media these days are not at all bothering about their TRPs since UPA let them many new corruptive stories and crusades everyday.

But one thing is getting more visible to everyone. This Singh will no more be a king here soon.
Awaiting a change which atleast would have redefine the democracy !