Friday, September 4, 2015

Salaam Namaste !

#BajrangiBhaijaan Movie review-

Well, it might look like a delayed review for a month old movie. I have just posted it after realizing that I have forgotten to tap on 'Post' button to this blog which has been resting down on my drafts list since 3 weeks. With this appended delay note, let me take you to the vision of this movie from my spectacle. 

It was really a surprising experience for me and my wife when we happened to experience such a well-toned theme in a Salman bhai's movie after a long time as we hadn't glanced the review of the movie before landing on our theater seats. When the borders are burning and the tensions are riding high between the two nations in the real world, Kabir has brought an alternative universe in his reel world. Moreover, hitting the screens on an Eid with bubbled anticipations is indeed a bloated MTV roadies challenge for the #Bajrangi team. The reviews and the post movie talks have strengthened the bubble with granite pebbles by carrying such a timely national theme.

An adorable kid from Pakistan getting lost from her mother in her sibling land (India). An anonymous guy from India takes her back to her motherland. This is the skeleton of the story which has a beautiful national cosmetics affiliated to it. The lovely looking orthodox Islamic kid is being brought back to Pakistan by an equally orthodox & innocent Hindu man who is an ardent devotee of Lord Hanuman. The concept of religion is appropriately coined in the screenplay by highlighting the fundamental motive of helping a co-human for any human being irrespective of the spiritual tag being carried over. 


A lovely, calm and large hearted desi Hanuman devotee, Pavan kumar Chaturvedi (#Salmanbhai) and a Pakistani Kiddo Shahida aka Munni who is basically a dumb (although, expressed her emotions and messages in her charming expressions) together have delivered a fully packed massy feast of entertainment. Introducing Nawazuddin Siddiqui when the story steps into Pakistan and his cinematography tweaks simply amaze the audience. The emotion captured during the reunion moments at the end of the movie has witnessed many watered eyes in the theater though hardly a realistic one. BGM has definitely been a promising fragrance of the theme throughout. Another good piece of work by Julius Packiam after Ek Tha Tiger &  Dhoom 3. 

The quintessential secular message of the movie consolidates the very fact that the perception of both the countrymen towards each other is remotely true. It's just the regional and global politics play the game of the hatred between the sibling nations. Worth to watch twice by discarding few glitches including the presence of Kareena. 

Thaanks Kabir & team - A good flick to commemorate for me & my wife throughout the life being the first one after our wedding bells !