Monday, December 31, 2012

End of an Era!

     Apart from politics, there are only two things on which most of the Indians are crazy about. One is ‘Bollywood’ and the other is of course ‘Cricket’. Cricket in India has more followers than any religion has. Interestingly, unity grooms in every Indian heart when it comes to cricket. Though the craze exists from few decades ago in the country, the intensity of furore has got its superlative shape purely because of the supernatural human named “Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar” on the field.  He inspired almost every cricket fan in the country from six to sixties. In fact, I believe in the popularly known factoid about him “Commit all your crimes when Sachin is batting. They will go unnoticed because even the Lord will be watching”.

     Ironically, his recent announcement on retirement from ODI has been the emotional shocker not only to Indian but to world cricket despite the petty talks from useless critics. Nobody on earth is deserved enough to postulate this legend to move out of cricket field but seemingly the contemporary happenings forced him to take this decision. Anyways, he has created an unmatchable history of records in world cricket in all forms which no other human could get ahead in the near future.   

     He has been the most complete batsman of his time and has literally been worshipped by many including me. His experience is almost equivalent to my age and though being a diehard fan of Dada, I always used to agree that I am a deep follower of this little master. He has inspired me in almost all possible ways in cricket and I still remember in my childhood how me and my pals used to imitate all of his shots and tried to adapt his style of game like a mad. We hardly bothered any exams when Sachin was on the field the previous day. Even today, all commitments and engagements used to get deferred when Sachin is on the crease. His inspiration has potently persuaded across many generations.

     Having Sachin on strike has been a nightmare to all the bowlers of the world. He has blasted the deliveries of all the famous bowlers of world cricket throughout his career. No matter whether the game is of test, ODI or T20 form, he has been the king of all records ever made. His strokes, drives, hooks, scoops could never been effaced from our memories. He is really more than Bradman of our time.
Following are few quotes about Master blaster which portrays how he has been conceived by people across the globe.

"During our team meetings, we often speak about the importance of the first 12 balls to Tendulkar. If you get him then you can thank your stars, otherwise it could mean that tough times lie ahead." – Allan Donald

"I have delayed my shoots many times to watch Sachin bat" – Amitab Bachan
“There are 2 kind of batsmen in the world. One Sachin Tendulkar. Two all the others. “– Andy Flower

“I am fortunate that I've to bowl at him only in the nets.” – Anil Kumble
"You get him out and half the battle is won" – Arjuna Ranatunga

“You might pitch a ball on the off stump and think you have bowled a good ball and he walks across and hits it for two behind mid wicket. His bat looks so heavy but he just waves it around like it's a toothpick. He is genius but I am a mere mortal. “ – Bret Lee
“He has been in form longer than some of our guys have been alive.” – Daniel Vettori

“The joy he brings to the millions of his countrymen, the grace with which he handles all the adulation and the expectations and his innate humility - all make for a one-in-a-billion individual.” – Glen McGrath

"The way he has taken on the role of India's greatest sporting ambassador... He has, among other things, inspired a generation and more to play cricket." – Kapil Dev
“The pressure on me is nothing compared to Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin, like God, must never fail. The crowd always expects him to succeed and it is too much pressure on him. But, he rarely disappoints them.” – Mark Waugh
“I have seen God, he bats at no. 4 for India” – Mathew Hayden
"There will never be another Sachin Tendulkar." – Muthaiah Muralidharan

“Sachin made 9 centuries in one year but many cricketer did not make 9 centuries in their whole career.” – Saurav Ganguly
“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing us to breathe the same air as you do.” – Sharukh Khan
“It was one of the greatest innings I have ever seen. There is no shame being beaten by such a great player, Sachin is perhaps only next to the Don.” – Steve Waugh after losing with India in Coca-Cola Cup in Sharjah

“Tendulkar has carried the burden of the nation for 21 years. It is time we carried him on our shoulders.” – Virat Kohli stated after winning the world cup
“I think he is marvellous. I think he will fit in whatever category of cricket that has been played or will be played, from the first ball that has ever been bowled to the last ball that’s going to be. He can play in any era and at any level. I would say he’s 99.5% perfect.” – Vivian Richards

 “Certainly the best I’ve seen... People talk of (Sir Don) Bradman, but our generation and the ones immediately before us didn’t get to see him... Sure, he has an astounding average (99.94), but of the cricketers I’ve watched, Sachin’s the best. He can play that leg glance with a walking stick also.”
-Waqar Younis
“I dont know what to bowl at him. I bowled an inswinger and he drove me through covers of the front foot. Then I bowled an outswinger and he again punched through covers of the backfoot. He is the toughest batsmen I've bowled to. He should live long and score lots of runs, but not against Pakistan.”
– Wasim Akram

World cricket is definitely going to miss this gentleman and the replacement is quite unimaginable in the offing. Both congratulations and thanks are emphatically understatements in depicting his contributions to Indian team. Eventually, the span of boon to Indian cricket has got over and we are going to experience a huge vacuum in the team which would ultimately be a herculean task for the rest players to fill up.  

Miss you badly Little Master…!  

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Relationships are increasingly becoming like mobile phone recharge plans these days. People hardly stay connected to loved pals beyond small misunderstandings and wrangles. Validity and diplomacy seek into existence in everyone whey they happen to connect to people. Detachments are frequently prevalent in all human emotions and end them up in freaking outs all the time.

No matter whether the culture is western or Indian, emotional connect is something which keeps everyone to stay alive. Psychologically, humans need more of love to live rather than a breath. Some vacuum needs to be stuffed with charming flavors in everyone's life to keep them moving. 

Words are no more the actual modes of communication to your loved pals. So, your text messages, Chat history, lasting phone calls, skype conversations hardly make any difference to people if you really love. There is something more than a word which kindles you to get your best partner in your life. This is the motif of the story of the movie "Barfi" which has patched up close to my heart after watching it. Such an emotional play it is comprising sensational story in it. I would rather describe it a poem..!

The story revolves around three aberrant characters Barfi, Jhilmul and Shruthi. Barfi, a deaf and dumb gentleman who keeps the people in his world blissful and excited throughout. He used to enjoy even smaller things in life and make others to realize their happiness. Shruti, a typical perplexed bengali girl who has fallen in love with Barfi when she has come to darjeeling for a trip with her family. Jhilmul, a mentally disabled girl who happened to fall in love with Barfi when she has found him as the best companion. The way Barfi proposes to Shruthi and his realisation of importance of Shruthi and Jhilmul in his life are the best captures of the movie. It is indeed a celestial triangular love story between these three which bollywood has never depicted before. 

The director has beautifully portrayed their life journey with purely emotions more than words. Applause to him when Barfi proposes Shruthi and when he leaves her for her betterment of life. Also, the tandem of relationship between Barfi and Jhilmul is breezy and touches everybody's heart. Kudos to Ranbir and Priyanka for their extreme enactment of characters and we could foresee many awards and accolades on their way for this amazing performance. We could feel like we had a short trip to Darjeeling and Kolkata post the movie which ensures the excellence in the camera lens. Background score throughout the movie adds fantabulous flavor with instrumental breeze.   

Overall, I have got an intense contentment of watching a beautiful movie after a very long time. Hope this Barfi could make the contemporary generation to rethink on their way of commitments in life. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Voicing for a "Capital" Punishment !!

It is way beyond the talk of the nation and has taken its shape of agitation throughout our geography. Yep, I would like to pitch up on the protest on the incident which literally shocked, scared and shamed the whole country. Digesting this national issue would definitely take a longer time to almost everyone. This really makes every citizen of the country to get into intense grief and conscience of hangdog. 

The reason behind such a brutality is undoubtedly the existence of  imbalance in the consideration of womanhood  in the society.    Despite the empowerment and the encouragement of femininity in various fields, the habit of valuation of woman is still an accomplished goal in Indian minds. Perceiving mom as a cook and wife as a servant is still an imbibed attitude of India men even today. There is still a discrimination among the Indian parents in ascertaining their kids based on sex. Rationally, the blame should be placed on Indian tradition and culture for this criterion. Though the transformation has been inducted in Indian culture, the realization is still unreachable to many. This is the major source behind these kinds of savage activities in our motherland. Still Indian culture and customs not yet nurtured enough to value woman rather respecting them. Also, westernization and modernization are completely routing the culture to ultimately a wronger altitude. No matter wherever woman go or grow, unless men know how to value them, no point in debating about equalization in the society. There should be a complete change of attitude needs to be groomed in the minds of not only Indian men but also women. Despite the physical fragility, it is the duty of Indian men to safeguard and strengthen our women mentally so as to make them  moralizing the actual freedom in the country which is still a precarious expectation for them. This should be achieved with no compromise. 

Now, the query is not about the "gang rape". The reason behind the exaggeration. I would like to mean "Exaggeration" here as the sudden deep care and conscience of Indian people towards a social atrocity as if they used to care for everything. These kinds of rapes are remorsefully frequent happenings in many rural parts of the country specially in Bihar, Orissa and Andhra. In fact, last week similar cruel criminality  has been filed in a southern village in Tamil Nadu. So, thankfully, this incident has happened in our capital region which actually kindled the crowd to force the Government on imposing Capital Punishment on the criminals. (I apologize for using the word "Thankfully"). Fortunately,the place of criminality has become the cause for this revolutionary social congnizance. Hard truth is that these kinds of activities used to come to light only if they happen in cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai etc. Rural women are still surviving with huge sexual perturbations in their lives in villages and tier two regions. No one is involved in voicing for their serious causal effects. 

Anyways, this awareness at least would shake up the prospective bestial humans to stay rid of these kinds of apish activities in the offing. From streets to social media, the agitating referendum has been becoming viral.  Common man to celebrities voicing for the conviction. "Capital" region has been the cause for this lasting reachability of the protest. 

Serious condolence on that woman, in fact on the entire "womanhood" and I feel ashamed on myself that I have born  in the same country where such a brutality has happened!! Hoping for the severe conviction on those merciless beasts. 


     Indian history cites only a very few people as celestial Gentlemen who have dedicated themselves holistically for the welfare of our motherland. They are appraised being more than humans for their selfless contributions throughout their lifetime. One of such living legendary human who was the first citizen of the country and always inspires the young India is Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. He is undoubtedly the most optimistic fellow of the century who foresees the developed India in 2020. His vision is crystalline if everyone happens to stand in his shoes.  But, the biggest query rises in our minds is “How far is this construction of roadway towards this mammoth goal despite all the contemporary complex happenings of the country?  What could be the possibility or in fact the probability rate in accomplishing it in the offing?” We could hardly find the resolutions to these rhetoric queries. 

     Though his anticipations are out of the purview of the possibilities, we could still ascertain the impediments which negate his vision “Developed India in 2020”. According to this gentleman, professionals, businessmen, leaders and researchers need to stick to innovative ideas which would likely to buttress our country’s stand aloud in the global arena. In that case, he could able to foretell the following ten pillars of development which would happen on one fine day. I would like to discourse the current antecedents and corollaries of his each perspectives towards the developed India.

·         A nation where the rural and urban divide has reduced to a thin line – With the unconventional distribution of money flow and the trend of rich getting richer and poor getting poorer, the scale of vacuum is getting magnified. So, damping the line between the rural and urban India is quite unachievable.
·         A nation where there is equitable distribution and adequate access to energy and quality water - Torpid state in interlinking of national rivers is diminishing the availability of quality water and scale up the scarcity throughout the country.  With the growing population, the energy requirements also extravagantly booming up which need numerous sources to be established which is barely happening here. 
·         A nation where agriculture, industry and the service sector work together in symphony-  Although agriculture is the backbone of our economy which comprises almost 60% of our GDP, rapid grooming of urbanization and industrial sectors deteriorates the development in the field of agriculture. So, harmony is completely lacking in the Indian economy with unbalanced contrasting outgrowths.

·         A nation where education with the value system is not denied to any meritorious candidates because of societal or economic discrimination – Unless the education in India is centralized with knowledge mining, no values could be purveyed to this forthcoming generations. Also, biased pseudo discriminations curtail the nourishment of deserved students which would result in discouragement of actual talents in the country.  
·         A nation which is the best destination for the most talented scholars, scientists and investors – Obliviously, our nation serves as the best destination for corruption, dirty politics, false reservation and much more brutal stuffs which obviously never ever encourage the talents in any dimensions.
·         A nation where the best healthcare is available to all – Unless all the parliamentarians and bureaucrats are strictly constrained to have their medical treatments only in Government hospitals, we could not imagine any improvement in the conditions of healthcare in the near future.
·         A nation where the governance is responsive, transparent and corruption free – The Government is free from responsiveness and transparency but not from corruption. Scams and scandals would likely to be prescribed as the policies of a democracy. Corruption is deep rooted in all centrings of the country which should be obliterated holistically which needs a longer span of reaping.
·         A nation where the poverty has been totally eradicated, illiteracy removed and crimes against women and children are absent and none in the society feels alienated – Poverty and illiteracy are literally the tumours of our national development and the culmination of which needs a huge exacting efforts from the Governments side in widening the opportunities for employment and quality education. Not only women and children, also the actually dejected communities in the society should be ensured for their safety livelihoods and also their status should be economically and socially promoted. These forethoughts need our political parties to relinquish vote bank politics.
·         A nation that is prosperous, healthy, secure, peaceful and happy and allows a sustainable growth path – With the habitual prevalence of ambivalent national conditions, it is hard to promise Kalam sir that we would mould our country with these fictitious adjectives like prosperous, healthy, secured, peaceful and happy.
·         A nation that is one of the best places to live in and is proud of its leadership – From pre independent era to even today, prominent leaders of our motherland can be easily numbered which would never give the superlative privilege of being proud of our national leaders. Besides, intrinsically, India is more than a best place to live. But, we have a long way to groom our country synonymous to the saying “Heaven to live”. May be like Asian “Denmark” or “Norway” in the future.     

     These are the prognostications of developed India in 2020 which is just eight years ahead. This predicament situation of the country needs many reiterative reforms in all dimensions to make it immaculate in all means. Contemporary phase of reforms and lucrative policy making would render the above developments may be in 2050 but not in 2020. So, in order to transform Kalam sir’s pipe dream to a real one in 2020, I could ponder only one possible solution. Yes, it is “Revolution”. It is high time to refrain the nation from being devastated further more.
     Greatest boon of the time is that more than 50% of the Indian population is below the age of 25 and more than 65% are below 35 which is indeed the marvellous potential. So, India is pretty younger enough to chuck out all the existing quondam systems of the country. Youth power can literally make anything to happen on earth.
     Now comes the responsibility of the Leaders, writers, scientists and all influential identities to start kindling the need of the renaissance in our country to the young minds. By fuelling the youth power in a productive phase, we could taste the Developed India in the offing with no much encumbrances on the track.
      If it is likely to happen, we can do wonders before 2020 and live the dream of this extraordinary gentleman. Awaiting my country to become aloud in the global podium!

Vision of Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam has been taken from his recent biographical book “Turning Points – A Journey through Challenges”.

More than 3000 Years in just 3 Hours!

Yep. It happened!

I always used to wonder whenever I happen to contemplate about the possibility as well as the workability of a “Time Machine”. Though its existence seems to be fictitious and its invention in the offing to be a pipe dream, nobody could be exceptional from its amazement!

Yesterday, we were literally amused with that amazement. Yep. A great gentleman took everyone of us for a diachronic voyage in a very short span on the World Trade. The discussion was almost like an experience of a Time machine for us! Of course, he is none other than our beloved Academic Dean Arka Sir. He is indeed a human completely coded with multitudes of knowledge throughout!

It is quite a natural thing that whenever he takes a lecture, we used to get inculcated ourselves with tons of “Gyan” with no limitations to fun. That session was expectedly not an exception.

Let me articulate our experience of a Time machine on this discussion. It has started rolling back millenniums behind!

From the mapping of entire globe on the board, he has started his discussion about the origin of Europe and Africa few thousand years ago B.C. He has discoursed about what was actually happening by means of trade at various centuries and who were dominating the world at every point of time. He mentioned about the transitions over a few hundred years A.C. over the trade and economy and detailed about the inceptions of various ancient prominent civilizations like Mesopotamia, Harappa ,Indus and their rise and decline in the early centuries of first millennium. He has then shifted in elaborating on gradual global trading boom of the world and how various inventions facilitated in the holistic worldly development from 1000 A.C. Discovery of many American and Asian countries tardily started widening the globe and the scope of its trade as well over few later centuries.

Few more centuries passed on. From late sixteen hundreds, he has explained how colonialism came to picture and its existence led to dacoity worldwide. It was the time when the flourish was completely inclined towards only certain geographies like GBR, Italy, Greece, Egypt and a few in Middle East. Also, colonialism had its key role in the growth and blossoming of various national economies post eighteen hundreds. He accented the importance of developments in transport and communication in the history of trading.

Eventually, the trading journey came to nineties. Effects of world wars in the trading arena have been discussed and how United States wisely groomed at that point of time. Later on, he has mentioned the causes of economic freedoms of significant developing nations like China, India with their aftermaths. He has finally come to 2000 A.D and enunciated the role of currencies in the trade and the recent entry of EUROs in the trading market. He has also put light on the Indian trade graph headed at Mumbai and consequential anticipations. The periodic shift of world trade centre throughout this historical voyage made us to get into deeper rumination in predicting its future pitch. And, it was 2012! He has disclosed the ambiguity and anticipation in the upcoming centuries about the proclivity of economy and trade.

Finally, the time machine landed us on the current IST from millenniums behind. Such an intense and interesting discussion finally came to an end with few Q&A; from us. We were completely out of the world and conscience throughout the journey of this discussion of almost three hours. We got a far better lucidity in our existing knowledge about the worldly trading game.

Arka sir! You simply Rock. Awaiting many more such “Gyan” sessions from you in the offing!

Economic Impacts of Global Warming!!

An intrinsic calamity called Global warming is increasingly becoming viral across the world through multiple means. This natural global peril has been supposedly expected to end up in a severe glooming to the earth in the offing. No much solid preventive measures are taken against this serious phenomenon anywhere. The prevalence of this geographical climatic variance also menaces the variance in the economic climate of the globe to a greater extent. This clearly depicts the direct relationship between these two contemporary consequences.

      The awareness of this issue is debile across the borders since people are still skeptic in understanding the grievous factoid behind. They hardly empathize that terrible increase in the average temperature of the earth’s surface from the recent past would end up in extraordinary economic disorder in the near future. Also, no large scale studies have been unleashed to emphasize the importance of this realization among the countries and the common inhabitants. Some scary statistics have been emerging by certain scientists in the recent years from various countries and many global scientific brains are still working in determining the actual consequences hidden behind this deathly earthly happening.

      Though the economic life of the world is relying upon multiple concerns of the sphere, the substantial neurons for survival are generated by agriculture which is indeed the anchor of economic ramification. The global warming has indirect harms to the agriculture by gradually depreciating the arable lands and thereby overall food productivity rate would end up in belittling throughout in the offing. Due to uneven extreme climatic changes, the food production would be the severe victim throughout. There will be a direct impact on timber and other value added wooden production due to slowdown in the growth of the trees. The sequent consequence is obviously the fall in the global exporting and importing of related market.
     Scientists also keep stating that further increase in the global temperature would cause the excessive melting of ice blocks in the Polar Regions which would result in the terrible increase of earth’s water level. Consequently, the coastal regions would undergo complete diminution and catastrophe of people over there would likely to happen. Also, marine lives would be descending to a greater extent which would end up in the decline of fishing economy. On the other hand, certain other regions of the world would become completely dry and water scarcity would reach its peak. Again, this would terribly affect the livelihood of the people with severe aftermaths. Similar other effects in almost all possible means to engender abysmal impacts on all businesses and investments across the globe in all fields. These economic impacts would reverberate throughout the world.

     Economists are getting into serious contemplations on this issue and landing up in foreseeing jeopardizing effects to occur in the offing. They believe that this drastic change in the global temperature will push the global GDP to fall down. They would indirectly cause harm in the growth of global infrastructures. Energy and retail sectors would happen to fall in vain. There are also possibilities of lack in the potential of human resources across the world owing to their poor health and unexpected catastrophes. Similar related disasters in all means will circuitously affect the global banking and financial flow in heaps of sectors. All these effects would result in huge joblessness globally. In fact, developing countries are more vulnerable to these imminent extreme conditions than their developed counterparts due to serial trickling in their growth rate. Preemptive measures are mandatorily needed to stay safer from the upcoming global disorder.

     This threatening global situation could even have the possibility to devastate future economy and the entire forthcoming generation as well. So, people should never ever consider it as a partisan issue by imbibing politics in it. With the help of United Nations, all countries should work together in formulating the plans and strategies so as to minimize these impacts of climatic disorders in affecting the economic clouds. Certain efficacious initiatives like SEZ, insanitary restrictive industries in infrastructural arena should be excessively encouraged globally to minimize the cosmic effects.

Need of the hour is to reframe the economy holistically by sticking to the principles of the ecology. All humans on earth are now supposedly cornered to agnize the effects of this environmental perturbation over financial conglomerate.  If no call is admitted even in this high time, serious economic hitherto would buttress to its superlative shape. Also, it is a potential fuss across the continents which should again be treated like any other deathly dire epidemic disease of earth and collective contribution should be alarmed to forgo the imminent historical economic recession.  

Go Green in ecology and Get Sanity in Economy!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

~~Behind the Mask~~

     "Economic Reform" is the recent mask wore by UPA as a part of their political game to deviate the attention of people from making sense of the economic deterioration. If you look behind the mask, the face of UPA is still dirty. I perceive that these political chameleons coin the irrelevant initiatives which are not at all synonymous to what they actually mean and in fact, they are trying to mobilize the contemporary Indian economy from worse to worst phase ever. After numerous agitations and controversies, this sarcastic mask of useless reforms comprises some senseless naive policies like intrusion of FDI in multi-brand retail, LPG cap limit and diesel price hike. Though these policies seem like elegant measures of the Government if you see from a bird eye view, intensely, they all need exhaustive implementation which is ultimately the impossible expectation from their side. Then what is the need in introducing these so called reforms? I am completely clueless why the person who is solely responsible for the economic freedom of the country is today keen on these baseless reforms!

     "FDI" which could apparently be tagged as "Firewall Destructive Infusion" of the huge Indian Retail fortress. Yes, hopefully it would demolish the Indian retail firewall if the policy is introduced with no strict legal regulations. But, we could ponder about this contentious issue in two complementary angles. 
     Positive contemplation is that we could get huge capital investments entering into our economic cloud which could enhance the fund flow in the national financial hierarchy and would result in the slight increase in GDP and thereby slight fall in inflation rate. Boom in retail sector would create many naive jobs throughout the business line and also the consumers would enjoy quality products with compressed pricing. 
     Negative contemplation leads to the drastic decline of middle level retail sectors like Kirana stores which in turn would result in joblessness. Ambiguity would be consistent in the survival of the farmers in the offing due to foreign intervention in the supply chain.

     From the complete study of the functionality of FDI driven retail sector in various Asian countries like China, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines etc, we could conclude that the probability of holistic lucre is far better in latter case (discarding FDI) than the former one. In case of approving the latter one, many legal restrictions should be strictly incorporated which is quite impossible with our current spineless bureaucracy. Statistically, for every 1500 jobs created by foreign giants like Wallmart, there would be a loss of 4000 jobs in the middle level which sounds completely superfluous. Coming to quality of products, we could place our hope on the current competitive Indian retail behemoths like future group, Reliance, Aditya Birla Group who would bring down the pricing scale of products nominally with better quality.  Besides, mark my words that the huge capital via this gateway of FDI would take a new corruptive avatar in the near future which would probably triumph all those renowned Forbes, 2G, commonwealth and Coalgate scams of the century. So, no matter who opposes the policy, UPA would welcome it with red carpet bothering no diatribe.

     Apropos the consistent fluctuation on crude oil prices on the global floor, Indian Government has made it a habitual practice of dumping all the subsidies to their bigger figures so as to make the hikes on fuel prices as periodical customs. Aam Aadhmi get used with this "persistent overloading & dumping" and he has learnt to least  bother the hikes and cornered to adapt to conservative life.  This new cap limit in LPG is again a hard hit on his rear head to alarm him that UPA is still ruling his country. 

     The stringent objective behind the Government policies is to magnify the gap between the upper and the lower middle class which would engender serious discriminatory consequences in the offing. So, no point in incorporating this diesel hike and LPG cap policies which would again kindle agitation among the people which would diminish in due course. On the other hand,   only modicum monetary generation would be possible out of these pointless initiatives. 

     If you contemplate from productive angle, these policies stand nowhere in the profitable accomplishment. But still, UPA is cornered to wear this mask to safeguard their baseless Rajneethi with resultant partitions which would end up in nothing. Even the shuffling of their allies make the party bit more complex. Seemingly, they are moving out of their tactic track of political game in garnering their vote banks. That doesn't make the NDA as the better replacement for UPA folks at any cost. End of the day, people are the bees to be eaten!

     Eventually, I wanna state that these reforms are undoubtedly welfare measures for the country's economic paralysis, provided implemented by considering the future consequences which is hardly possible! Anyways, it is already late. Pan is on heat! Let us lit the candle of hope as usual!  

Again, I would like to rephrase what I used to feel, "It is high time for Revolution!". 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Quest of Young India!

Just now finished reading the recent novel by one of the renowned best selling authors Mr. CB! (Chetan Bhagat) Yep, the book was "What young India Wants?". From the prior list of books of this fictitious writer, we could anticipate tons of renditions from the title of the book he has tagged. 

"May be the Young India is quite interested in Gadgets, Cricket, Bollywood, Boozing, chaps or gorgeous ladies, Play station or stuffs like that! So, what we should do to incorporate deviation in the contemporary track of youth to make them productive!" 

This was my anticipation before flipping the first page. Usually, I never used to look at the back cover of CB's book where he used to depict the glimpse of the theme which would dilute my interest in reading further. But, my forethought was completely wrong which I have realized while flipping the first few pages itself. 

     Introspectively, he has attached a letter prior beginning the novel by describing his life story via various impediments from the sediments of our country so as to justify himself for penning this book. From his intense promotional letter, I got to know that this novel would completely disappoint those CB freaks who would anticipate fictions in it. But still, I flipped with the hope that it would be informative throughout. And, yes, it was! More than expected! 

     CB has intricately discussed about three major criteria of the country namely, Our Society, Politics and the Youth of today. His perspectives might not be wholly agreed by everyone including me but the propensity towards all the issues he has depicted was intense and resourceful. 

     He has portrayed many hindrances in our society from all the roots of our tradition to the ongoing issues and their severe resultants in the offing. Also, he has depicted about the political disorders of the country and predicted their effects in deteriorating our national growth in all means. 

     To fix all those vivid issues, India has the greatest potential being young. Yep, the median age of Indian population is 25 and almost 70% of the population is below 35 years of age. CB says, that we need to make use of this phase of generation change to find the solutions for all the social and political paralyses. We should inculcate the youth crowd starting from the re-framing of entire education system in the country which is sick for the past few decades. Reservation system should be precisely defined which has been functioning in the senseless scope all these years. He has also suggested his own ideas to solve certain sensible national issues like FDI, Kashmir dispute etc., which seem quite efficient enough to implement. 

     In a broader view, he wants India which is statistically young to kindle a revolution in the country to burn out all the existing and imminent perturbations to grow at a faster pace in the global stage. Though his objectives of the book are quintessential for the current national scenario, his narration seems to be quite vague and he partially lacks the motivating energy to the readers. But still, it is worth of reading and would has possibilities to wake up the young crowd since most of his readers are youths. 

     Final fictional story was quite impressive enough to fortify his perspectives and suggestions to the countrymen. Way to go CB! Please pen your fictions with motives and messages inscribed in your imminent write ups. It would really matter a lot to your young fan crowd. 

     According to me, "Change is something which would never happen in India" is a kind of long standing superstitious thought which could be eliminated from the minds of whammy people of the country by a social cause called "Revolution".  Hence, this book is indeed the best counsel for the quest of Young India. It would at least make the sluggish youths to think for a while amid their tons of useless commitments. Hoping for the revolution soon in our motherland which is what the young India really wants!  

FYI - Though I am not a die hard fan of CB, he is one who inspires me a lot not only in writing but also in multiple walks of life. His speech at Symbiosis still remains as the mantra of my life. Despite various comments and opinions of critics on him, I personally believe, he is deserved to be where he is today! Love you man :) 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Chota Cup of Philosophy!

Beauty is Truth, truth beauty,'-that is all                        

Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know

                                - John Keats     

Above lines were inscribed by John Keats on his popular poem “Ode on a Grecian Urn” which went viral and inspirational on the minds of people throughout the centuries. Tons of interpretations and reviews were done by many literary geeks on the line “Beauty is truth, truth beauty”, but still the precise understanding seems to be ambiguous. I have gone through multiple explanations by literary intellectuals and had many discussions with great people all through my life and got my own rendition for those lines of such a greatest gentleman of the literary era. 

    These lines basically emphasize on the identities of “Truth” and “Beauty” of human life. According to the author, the real beauty lies only if anything is holistically true. Also, falsehood cannot deserve to be beautiful. This philosophical saying holds good in almost all walks of life in all means. The crux behind this philosophy is that only true things could be manifested as beauties and mere external beautiful appearance is not ample to shroud the ugliness composed inside. Let me bring out my perception towards this life centric philosophy.


        According to me, life is all about impressions. The more you do it, the more you are deserved to stay live. My inner self has discovered this mantra from all my bitter and better experiences of my life so far. If you contemplate much in ascertaining the source for the impression, you would  end up in obfuscation. The reason for the obfuscation is whether "Beauty" brings out the impression or the "Truth" does it. But in an intense interpretation, "Truth" and "Beauty" are synonymous to bring up the impression. Let me depict my justification more.

Science is the universal axiomatic mean of rationalising our perceptions. So, let me follow up the glimpse of science in my vindication.


     Before getting into a scientific narration, let me first disclose the definition of “Attitude” in my own thesaurus. Attitude is just like a mental spectacle through which we see the existing things in the world. So, everything depends on one’s attitude which literally adds the sense to all the perceptions of a human. Hence, attitude plays an essential role in framing an impression on the existing things.


     According to the scientific norms, human attitude is based on two means. First one is physiological and the next one is psychological. Physiology in this sense corresponds to the perception with physical orientation on the existing things and psychology refers to the mental orientation on them. If you are a kind of person with physiological attitude, the external delicious appearances would impress you more by obscuring the unrevealed realistic attributes of the entity. Sometimes, you would be in fact least bothered about the falsehood behind the beauty. On the other hand, if you are a person who prioritizes the mental perception in interpreting things, you would be impressed only by getting to know the entity with better intense lucidity in its extent of veracity. So, your actual evaluation becomes completely composed only if your contemplation about the things encompasses both the orientations of the things together. Hence, the evaluation of any entity is complete only by validating the truth and the beauty as well.


     Now, from the above elaboration, I could say that only true things could be beautiful. Also, things would be beautiful only if they are intensely genuine.


     Hence, my justification is almost inclined towards the understanding drawn from Keats’ golden lines.  So, always stick to beauty in all means which is eventually tailed towards the “truth” in all walks of life!