Saturday, March 10, 2012

~~PyaaR UnPlugged~~

LOVE ??!! Is this a questionary or an exclamatory thing? Bewildered? Yes. Not you and me. Of course, everyone down to earth are traversing their lives on getting to know about this rhetoric thing!!

L.O.V.E --> Lethargic Over-dued Venture of Existence !!

Can you make sense out of it? Never. You can't. Love is such a senseless happening in your life

LOVE is just like an acronym which fits into numerous expansions just like WHO which stands for "World Health Organisation". But "the expansions" I mean here is the way people consider or have it in their own means to live it. You can fit whatever expansions you like to fit into this acronym which ultimately frames the crux of your life.

I just wanted to narrate about my perspective of this super natural thing so called "LOVE".

There is something called craziness which exists in everyone of us.If you have a scale to measure it out of 5, when it crosses beyond 5, the thing "LOVE" borns !!

Just imagine yourself with the following instances where I believe it happens.

· If you could not able to have your morning cup of coffee without "TOI (Times of India)", it happens with TOI!!

· When you go for a morning walk and you watch there a couple in late seventies hold their hands and walk together with a teethless laughter, it happens!!

· When you listen to "Khwaja mere khwaja" in your playlist, something which touches your soul when you got sick of Rahmania, it happens !!

· When your mom says "bye" to you by waving her hands till you walk to the end of the street when you go out, it happens !!

· When your oldest pal calls you unexpectedly and when you both share your nostalgic childhood memories , it happens !!

· When you take your dad out for roaming with you in your bike just as he did when you were a kid, it happens !!

If your kid calls you with your name for the first time, it happens !!

· When you are watching an extra time English premier derby between ManU and Chelsea on a sunday night and your girl friend texts you "I hate you dear!!", it happens !!

· When you present something to your sister or any sibling on your first salary, it happens !!

· When your small niece and nephew break your brand new goggles during their quarrel and ask sorry to you with false tears, it happens !!

· When your close pal calls you on a sleepless late night and asks you "Machi!! Whats up??" and you both talk for a very long while with nothing to talk about, it happens !!

· When you happen to help out a differently abled person and they pay you back on their smile, it happens !!

· When you happen to watch VTV (Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya), it happens with whom you miss a lot in your life!!

· On seeing your online bank account slip on a salary day, it happens!!

If you are travelling alone in a long time train journey and find someone new to chat with throughout, it happens !!

· When you happen to eat hot sambar vada in HSB (Hotel Saravana Bhavan) and a Jamun slice on a late noon, it happens !!

· When people get into a huge laughter for your poorest joke, it happens!!

· When someone whom you think she never likes you, come and talk to you, it happens !!

· When someone gets you something for your well being, it happens !!

· If you are a die hard fan of dada who hits a huge "out of stadium" shot in an IPL match, it happens!!

· If you arrive from your work place or outside before "Saravanan Meenakshi" (a tele-serial)starts, it happens !!

· If you come to know "today is friday", it happens !!

If People wish you at sharp 12 on your day of birth and have cake cut with an useless gift, but still it happens !!

· If you are looking for a change to give to bus conductor, you find a candy wrapper on your wallet given by someone special long back, it happens !!

· If your eyes get filled with tears on seeing Genelia with Ritesh on your telly screen, it happens !!

· If· If you corner people to eat your dish what you have cooked on your own and sarcastically they give good comments about it, it happens !!

And this "happening" list goes on everyday in our everyone's lives. They might seem so trivial but comprise the vital strings of our life.

These are the things said to be your valentines and to be celebrated on a so said special occasion called "Valentine's Day!!". The day is actually not meant for a restrictive celebration with your "to be" or "being" life partners as most of us contemplate !! That wasn't the real intention behind this "Valentine's Day" induction by Saint Valentine. To be unfeigned, "Committed" status is not a criterion to celebrate this occasion..

Towards whoever or whatever your scale of craze goes beyond, it means you are in love with them!!

Whenever you feel like getting hurt on giving up something or someone, that also means you are in love with them.

Whenever you feel like missing someone or something, that also reveals the extent of love you have with them.

Never get too much complicated with this simplest tool to live.

Actually, I wrote this post before this valentine's day itself, but was lazy enough to post it!! Also, I am not having a belief in celebrating this occasion on a single day !!

Entire life itself a celebration of love. Never try to restrict it to a single day of it!! Love is not a predefined existence but you have to define it for yourself.

Love is something which paints your heart green and chills your soul !!

Just have a complete fun out of "Be Loving and Being Loved" to almost everything and everyone you find on your way.

This post is solely dedicated to all SINGLE SINGHAMS !!!

P.S : One of my feminine readers asked me like, "In all your posts, you are encircling the phrase "girl friend". Is that mean that your write ups are only towards the focus of men?"

My response follows.

Actually I am a writer of american style for whom the word "Guys" is common for both men and women.

In the same way, whenever I mention "Girl friend" in my posts, it means "women" for masculine readers and "men" for feminine readers !! Hope this answers your Query my dear reader!!