Friday, June 1, 2012

~~Chennai Rhymes~~

Whaw! Whatta sound track! On listening to it, mind is blowing with the soul as well.The lyrics almost fit with my recent life and remind me all the roaming I had here. Feeling nostalgic since moving outta this superlative place for a short span. Yes. I happened to listen to the recent super hit sound track on my playlist today morning -"Vanakkam Vazhavaikkum Chennai" from the album Marina. Could any Chennaite listen to this track with no sensitivity? Never! They hardly say NO! The song is all about exact depiction of the lives of people here!

This song pinged me hard to write something about my place. Being inhabited in this MULTI-Metro city for more than seven hundred days, I am dying to describe my perspective about this heavenly place to which I owe a lot to move on.

Let me  disclose some celestial stuffs packed in this Chennai city.

Whenever People think of "Chennai", the first thing that strikes their mind is "Its Hot". Yes. It is. We do agree.It is HOT. In fact, it is hotter than all those Sheelaas and Chikni Chamelis. We love to stay hot to keep moving on all the time. "Ithu Enga Chennai !! Semma HOT Machi!!"

If you are down with the syndrome of traveling, never ever think of Chennai. Because, we do traveling, we love traveling and we owe traveling. Traveling occupies the most part of our life whatever and whenever we do. We used to move faster than we live. MTCs, Metro rails, Share autos, lane to luxury taxis, airways and the list goes on when you happen to live with Chennai's travelogues. Whatever it is, it keeps you moving with at most cheer possible on earth. You may be the greatest expert in negotiating  bombastic packages with your flamboyant HRs, but, nobody can do it with our Chennai Auto drivers. They always win the race! And yes, Fox History Traveler can make more episodes here!

When I say Multi-Metro, I really mean it. Yes, it is multi-faced. This place incorporates multiple multilingual people from multiple places who eat multiple cuisines and moving on with multiple dreams. This divine land always keep their kids traversing with tons of aspirations. No matter whether you are a CEO or a common man, Chennai would undoubtedly be your ladder to move up in all possible ways.The perfect place to live your dream! As the lyrics of the song goes, this chennai mother would pat you whenever you win or loose!! 
People here have many untold aberrant stories and pains behind them. But still, all are kids of this ever consoling and cheering Chennai mom!

Our calender has just two days a week. Yep. Either a weekday or a weekend to define our Work-Life Balance! Tuesdays and Thursdays are not specially bothered.

Are you a perfect Foodie? If yes, We heartily welcome you here. Apart all those junk spots like McD,KFC,PHD, CCD and many more, be blessed to try typical South Indian food makes in this hub. HSB (Hotel Saravana Bhavan), RC (Rathna Cafe), Murugan Idli Kadai, Thalappakattu biryani shop and many more extensive eateries are found throughout the city to feed you the fabulous food. Can anyone one stay without drooling tongue on seeing Sambar or Dhahi Vada made here? Chennaite's breakfast is unimaginable with no Idlies, Pongal and Dosas on plate!  No one can ever think of denying it!   

There is a popular saying that "If you happen to try a South Indian meal (Saapaadu with Vaada and Paayasam) at least once in life, objective of your birth is half done and you have lesser possibilities of reincarnation! So, NEVER miss it.
Are you a "Rotti" Manic? Do come here. We don't need more than a week to change you :) 
"C" in Chennai also marks for delicious Coffee made over here. "Filter Kappi" is our best invention  which lingers throughout your lifetime.

Are you a die hard movie and music freak? Then, this must be your place. This is where the don of fantasies live. Man of all woods across the globe stays. Yes. Someone beyond super heroic personalities like spiderman, Batman, Superman of today, Super Star "Rajni Sir" stays here. Someone else who have written a new media biography also from Chennai and we call him "Kamal Hasan". 
"R" factors who defined the thesaurus of music named Rahman and Raja stay here. Many extraordinary unknown tamil tracks and movies still remain untold to you! Never miss trying all those enchanting makes! Grammys and Oscars are our part time achievements. Still we have a lot to go!!
Chennai is the only place where you could find soul sticking carnatic music and Classical Bharathanatiyam throughout the year. Specially try to visit this festive city in the winter season (Tamil month of Marghazhi) where great musical treat would be awaiting here!   

Do you live to hang out? Then Chennai must be your destiny. We love to hang out than we do anything else. This shoreward city has tons of places to hang out with your pals or loved ones. City has the beach spots throughout. Wanna do the best shopping here? We have too much of options here from luxury extravagant malls like Express Avenue to economic shopping centers like Ranganathan Street. World's Secod largest Marina beach is on our side. Never miss a walk here.
We never limit ourselves when it comes to partying and pubbing :) Get unplugged with tons of options here!!

Are you a person looking for pious places here? If Yes, You could find lots of spots like Triplicane, Mylapore, Vada pazhani temples, Santhome, Big Mosque and many more famous entities of deities.  

And, the feast of all the cricket crazes so called the "Super kings" 's homeland is our chennai. Can anyone dare enough to have a derby at our place against our Roar? Never! Damn proud to state that we are dual champions! "Thala" Dhoni is on our side!  "CSK ku Whiste ah podu!"
Most brainy fellow on this earth being a chess champion, Mr.Anandh is from this city. And many more sporting icons we have produced and we would keep doing :)

When you debate Rajneethi, it is a well known thing that our CM is one among those audacious feminine dictators of this country who could even shake the central Government whenever she gets bored! With love we call her "MOC" Mom of Chennai and she is Miss.Jayalalitha! No matter whether the PM or president, they are suppose to adapt whatever our mom says ;)

"Tradition" is the sticky wiki note of Indian Culture. Men and Women of Chennai add no exceptions to this saying. Yes. We are traditional too (Not all the time!). Chennai ladies can well meant for being traditionally gorgeous who can even make a stony man as drool...!

At times, we might seem crowded for you and yes we are! Because,we love people which keep us together :) 
At times, we might seem thoroughly poor, but I bet we are heartily richer than you!

No matter whether you are Workaholic or Alcoholic, this place pays you back!
Whatever you dream to do, this place would make you to gleam. 

Hope this preface describes the city more than you believe :) 
Thanks for the maker and composer of this song! Anthem of fantasy for all chennaites :)

With loads of fun and nostalgia left with many places and people here, I am moving out for a short while. 
Never give up the chance if you happen to stay or come here!! Get Kolaverified :)

Will be Back Soon!

Ithu Enga Chennai da!!  

And yes, Welcome to Our Chennai :)