Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Rise of the Jokers - II

Preamble : This is a Sequel post. To read the prequel, jump here

The assumption of strong thorny wall between democracy and dictatorship is becoming theoretical on witnessing the empirical consequences of political scenes happening across the states of this populist country. 'Democracy' is unfortunately a single edged sword wherein the handle always ends up in the wrong hands.

What is Democracy and how it is coined today? - 'Democracy' means 'Rule by the people' derived from a Greek word 'demokratia'; 'demos' - people, 'kratos' - rules. This principle was first established in Athens 510 B.C. which had undergone a significant evolution over different medieval times  and has been followed across various geographies of the global administration.  Later on, 'by the people' and 'for the people' phrases also appended to its lexicon and claimed as universally accepted norm of the political ecosystem. 

India is popularly claimed as a Socialistic democratic country. (Are we really socialistic? - This needs a deeper scrutiny of thoughts which cannot be justified in this post.) Let us stick to the core lexicon understanding 'Rule by the people' which directly signifies to the process that people select the nominated members to hold the power. This has become more of an old school myth! By any chance, do you rethink to agree?

Now, let us close the theory book and tune back to the reality. Are the people convinced with what had happened last month in Bihar and what has been happening every single day (may be until I write this post) in Tamil Nadu ?

A Chief Minister suddenly resigns pointing the corruption of his ally and following day forms the Government by shaking hands (without a glove) with Opposition. Going with the rulebook of democracy, the vote number who have elected the opposition party members (BJP MLAs) could definitely never wanted Mr.Kumar to be their Chief Minister. But, the collective decision of the elected two peer parties (who had preached different agenda during campaigns) has ruled out the absolute opinion of the people who elected them. Now, the very purpose of 'the people's rule' has undergone a surgical strike. Does it sound fundamentally abysmal? (If it doesn't, you aren't resistant to Prime time Newshour debates of Indian NEWS media). 

A Chief Minister who had been a democratically accepted dictator was lying dead all of a sudden (under controversial circumstances) and the ownership transferred to a bunch of loyalists turned idiots. After her death, all the idiots suddenly gain extreme intelligence to conflict with each other to retain the Godfather tenure but fail to realize that the Government is paralyzed so as its people.  The powerful people who are supposedly the backbone of democracy could able to only witness this political thriller with lump of heartburn and toned aversion (did I miss pop corn?). Again, does the rulebook justifiable here by any case? 

Incidentally, people of such democracies are no lesser than Jews of Holocaust. Yet, the constitution is strong enough to entertain the rise of the jokers. Hail Democracy! Hold on! Who are jokers here? Those who are elected or who elect them? Over to you!