Thursday, May 5, 2011

~~Passengers Your kind attention please~~

"Passengers Your kind attention please! Train number 6101 Rameshwaram express from Chennai Egmore to Rameshwaram via Trichy will leave the platform no 8 shortly"
On hearing this announcement, I was walking on the bridge of Tambaram Railway station on a sultry monday night around 10.05 p.m. which is said to be one of the most lively place of chennai round the clock. We sometimes consider it as the Brooklyn bridge of New York.
I was never bothered with that traditional announcement which was going on, since myself have reserved in Rockfort Express which would come around 10.50 p.m.
I was actually going to trichy (supposedly srirangam, as many people might be unaware of trichy but not srirangam) to my uncle's home for a family function by taking a day off from office. Got down in the nightly crowdy station and was sitting alone in a place where my coach was alleged to arrive.

It was humid like hell even at that time and everyone was sweating like anything. Chennai is not only well known for its "Sambar" but also for its summer :( Why do only the trains are airconditioned but not the stations ?! :(

Got a bottle of coke and again continued sitting in a solitude with Jeeva who was exploring about his imminent project "ko" in chennai times. Was bit hectic in office that day and hence was bit dolorous too.

It was almost 10.50 p.m. Time would ramp up so fast when you extremely immerse your self in reading about the things happening in the living rooms of bollywood and politics despite the crusades of your own life. In a while, again heard an announcement like "Passengers Your kind attention please! Train number 6177, Rockfort express from chennai egmore to Tiruchirappalli via vizhupuram will arive in platform number 8 shortly". And it did as announced.

It was really a pleasure to watch the train entering into the platform which I love to do from my childhood days :)

The wheels have stopped making noise and I was looking for coach no s8 and got into it. Found 55 which was luckily a side-lower this time where I love to sleep with.
Train started moving and nobody has arrived to 56 yet.

I was partially lying down and watching outside from the window with half-opened eyes while train has started to move. Suddenly, a gorgeous girl came running alone along with the moving shops into my windowscape and seemed she was gonna get into my compartment and she did in fact!!

Believe me guys, the runner came near me and was looking for 56! She got it and sat in front of me with a huge trolley in between.
It really pained hard when I pinched the flesh on my left hand. Acknowledgment of illusion didn't work. So, I felt like "it is happening for you only goose!! LIFE WON't SCREW YOU ALL THE TIME! ;) ".

I wanted to refute with my granny when this chubby beat has thrown a gaze at me. Yep, my granny has told me many fairy stories while feeding me when i was a kiddo on which they were dressed in a white attire with a wand on their palm. But today she wasn't like that. The dairy like fairy sitting in front of my eye balls with hazel eyes was on a black salwar with a pale blue jean. A tiny blackish so called handbag was there in her hand but not the wand! Mythologies too change in time it seems ;)

She was settled with her luggages and was blinking like a Tom looking for a cheese left by a jerry;)

Don't worry guys, I am not gonna tell about "Jessy" or "Meghna"or "Geet Dhillon" kind of girl here. So, lock your "whatever" imaginations you have before you proceed reading ahead!

You know what? Millions of times you would think to find a single way to fix a bug in a code. But, when you have lucent girl in front, you would get millions of ways to approach but not even a single time to start with ;) crazy truth again :)

When these million thoughts and starters were running all over my mind, I was locking and unlocking my mobile keypad and checking whether it was working properly. Yes, it was. I am basically a developer, but she made me to try testing too ;)

Suddenly she has thrown one more gaze and asked me like "Excuse me,Does SMS cost for you?"
My heart really skipped some beats for a while and I mustered courage to reply back.
"Even it was, would I say Yes for you sweety?" I muttered and told her "No" rigidly as if I was busy in doing something in my mobile and she was disturbing me.

"Actually, I was on a rush and hence could not even able to charge my mobile today and came in a haste to catch up the train. So, I have to convey my papa that I have boarded safely, else he would get ire on me and scold me tomorrow. So, can I text him to call me? So, that he would call to your phone and I can inform him that I am safely boarded. Can you please?"

"OMG! It is just happening for you man", I muttered myself!!
And thank god, she asked my mobile just for a text. I received a message like
"Your last call costs Rs. 0.20 and your balance is Rs.0.33. So, kindly recharge your prepaid. To know more offers ........." when I spoke with my dad to inform him that I was going to board, a few minutes back. My booster would allow me to send a text even with a nill balance. Thanks to Airtel again;)

I told her, "Sure. You can even make a call to him." and expected her to say a NO . Gave my mobile by opening its slider.
"Thats okay and thanks yaar" she told and texted her dad something.

Believe me guys! "Angel" is definitely an understatement if you see her hazel eyes!! Bhajju's dhoosra and Ashwin's Carrom like illusions were spinning on my spine!
I felt like "Evan de una petthan??" BGM was running over my head.....
I was really in the need of oxygen and couldn't even able to breath. Went to the door and stood for a while and came backsince my mobile was ringing.

She spoke with his dad. Not only she looks sweet but her voice too!
Kudos to the creator of this creature!

"Hi dad! VG here. I have reached the station long back and have boarded. You don't worry and take your tabs and sleep soon. You worked and roamed a lot today. So, take an off to office tomorrow and take rest...........Tell mom n DG that I will talk to them tomorrow... Bye dad.. Good night.. " She hung off and gave it back and asked me instantly, "Are you a dada's fan?"
"Yeah.." She was ingenious enough to guess this from my KKR wallpaper ;) (Might be, now I have become a warrior : )

"Your mobile looks too good yaar. I'm a fan of Sony ericsson . Even mine is w750 you know.What is yours? " she asked.
"Yari.." I said..
"Oh its cool. And this is Vandhana Gopalakrishnan. Everyone call me as VG ;) Your good name?"
"This is Gurucharan and people call me Guru.."I said as if everyone calling me so ;)
VG: So, What you doing?
I was in the same feel like karthik when Jessie's dad has asked him "what you doing?" in VTV.
After a while span, I told her,"software engineer".
VG: Great! where are you working?
Me: Wipro! So you?
When she has started to tell about her, I got a call.

Whenever I am having pleasant moments in my life, I would get a call from this fellow. Yep. Whenever I have my favourite food on the plate, he will call. Whenever I am watching my favourite movie or programme on TV, he will. Whenever I am speaking with someone I like, he will. And the list goes on.
Guess he has a bell over his head which makes some sound whenever Something good is happening in my Life ;) Yep.That "Fellow-Gentleman" is so called Mr.Nappy (aka) Naveen :)
He was asking about my ticket status and other info as if he was really bothered.. Crazy bump! Ofcourse, for what else friends are meant for ;)
Spoke with him and hung off after a while long without telling him that someone special was awaiting my response here. Managed somehow ;)

VG: I am actually doing my third year Biot at Sastra. Came here to attend my sister's engagement and going back ;)
Me: Oops! Even myself from Sastra but have passed out some two years back.
VG: OMG! This stranger is my senior! So, gonna rag me??? he he he he :):):)
She giggled as if she had made the humour of the millenium. And I did as well ;) (No other go guys ;))
Damn! She is remembering me "the Helen of Troy" when she smiled.
A Greece princess for whom thousands of soldiers and warships have been vanquished owing to her abduction! I was smiling at those people in this Greek mythology who have lost their lives for the sake of her mere eyes, when one English literate freak was telling about it to me.
But, now I feel like she might be deserved of their lost lives!

A feminine eye is worth of anything !!

In between, a short fat man so said to be the TTR of the train with a dirty black coat has come for doing his job. He was almost looking like "Castor oyl" with a burger who is the brother of "Olive oyl" casting in the "Popeye show". But, this fellow was having a pad with some lists of papers instead of a burger.

Conversation with this train camaraderie continued for more than an hour.
OMG! I am not that good in guitar to bring it with me and compose something for her.In fact, I was not worth enough to participate in any culturals held in NIT, trichy during my college days. Simply went for all culturals to cheerlead the people who were actually participating. Suryaman! You simply Rock!

This queer steering "Hasini" kind of girl has told everything about her from the childhood till the reason behind the color of dress she was wearing that day. Can tag her as a perfect chatter box and extremely kiddish too.

Best conversation of my life came to an end and I did not remember what happened later on but I have slept in a while thinking of my best train journey of my life.

In a while, "Passengers Your kind attention please! Train number 6177, Rockfort express from chennai egmore to Tiruchirappalli via vizhupuram will depart from platform number 8 shortly"
Seemed someone was telling this close to me.. As I opened my eyes, I was still sitting on the same stone bench on the platform no 8 with same smiling Jeeva in Chennai Times on my lap.

Yep.. The instance made me to realize that all those things happened when I was dreaming on the stone bench and the Rockfort express has come just now and it was in front of me but yet to start.

What else Could I do?! Before getting into the grief for VG, I got into s5 and as looking for 55 again.
I got it and laid down partially and the train started to move again. But nobody came running this time.
After a while, one girl came and got seated in front of me. And yes, it was her seat. 56.

But the thing is that this girl seemed some 50 years older than my dream girl! Might say a granny :)

"Hi dear! Can you please do me a favor?", she asked me.
"yes aunty! tell me" I told..
No charge in my mobile. I have to inform my husband. Can I please make a call from your mobile?" she said..
"Yeah sure aunty!" I told..Aunty was lucky in fact that I really had a huge balance this time.
She was not comfortable with my key pad. So, I have dialed the number and gave the phone to her.
"Hello Gopal.. I have boarded safely..Don't worry. Inform to Vijay too. I will call tomorrow morning after I reach.. " she told and hung off and gave my mobile back.

We were chatting for few more time and when I was listening to things what she was telling, I felt like I have known all these stuffs recently by some other mean.

In a while, the Burger man Like TTR with the same dirty black coat has come for checking our tickets. When she took her wallet for taking her ticket out, her mobile and her PAN card have fallen down. When I took it to give it back to her, I have noticed the name on the card as VANDHANA GOPALAKRISHNAN and her mobile which has fallen down was sony ericsson W750. And she was also in a black salwar with a pale blue jean.
I was more than astonished and got numb for a while.
I was really skeptic about the things happening in my life?! I pinched myself again, still its paining. Why all these things happening AGAIN to me? Am I mentally depressed or so?
"What happened dear? Why are you looking so weird suddenly?" she asked me.
"Nothing aunty, I am not feeling well. Going to sleep. Good night."
With no clues on my mind I went to fall asleep and don't worry guys. No announcements this time.

The next day I have called my friend Siva who is a doctor and told him all the things happened to me the previous night and he laughed after hearing the whole story.
"Idiot, why are you laughing?" I asked him.
Then only he has explained me that I was suffering from a mental ET kind of a disorder called "DEJA VU" which defines the state being aware of the things bit earlier which are likely going to happen in the offing. "Deja Vu" is a french word which means "already seen".

Yes. You would recognize this now.The same disorder by which Dr.Vijay was suffering in the movie ATM (Azhagiya Tamizh Magan), a Tamil *Blockbuster (*No fun intended).

Almost everyone must have felt this feeling which is quite common for a normal human but I might have got an extra scale.

So, Beware of Guru! A clairvoyant, would be good in predicting the things that are going to happen in your life :