Sunday, December 25, 2016

Pathology of Gujarat Episode - Second Information Report!

I have just flipped the last page of the most controversial book of the year 'Gujarat Files' by Rana Ayyub. The complete cover story was captured miles behind the screen with utmost backing details for each incident starting from Gujarat 2002 riots to serial fake encouters. Kudos would definitely be an understatement for Rana for the level of investigation executed throughout the episode. 

I have been inspiring on looking at few journalists since years but with the recent noisy penetration of media, my opinion was losing its strength. This young brave lady has fueled it back by iterating that Journalism is not just a flag bearing ceremony but a mere way of life for those who truly exhibit. 

Let me share a brief on the storyline although the title tells by itself. This woman has uncovered the facts by evidently ruling out the myths behind the consistent fake encounters by Gujarat police since 2004-2007. The reports floated by her in Tehelka (she was then working as a Tehelka Journalist) had put few influential bureaucratic figures of Gujarat along with then Honourable Home Minister of Gujarat Amit Shah behind the bars giving rise to a CBI inquiry. Knowing the next steps of CBI towards the filed cases against these folks with a strong political backing would end up as storm in a broken tea cup, she had gone a step ahead in drilling more on all the cases by herself with an intensive investigation stint. 

She had mocked herself as a short lived US based NRI character Maithili with a strong hindutuva family back ground (for those who cannot make out from the name, Rana is a Muslim), claiming a short film movie director who wanted to unwind the Gujarat's development model and portray it to a global audience. It was a clever move at the right time as it was those days when Modi was projected as the strong PM candidate of BJP backed by world class development model of Gujarat with a bullet train in few FB posts. Maithili along with an UK native co-intern reporter Mike ( his contribution was just required for backing her new NRI movie director avatar) met all the icons involved in the uncovered story of Gujarat from the incidents of 2002 to 2012 and fooled all of them to gather the details for her SIR (Second Information Report) in an usual Tehelka way by carrying tiny audio mikes and cameras. The victim list of Maithili for this undercover story include all the IPS, IAS officials involved in the controversies with ongoing inquiries, linked politicians and finally even, then Honorable CM of Gujarat and today's PM of India Narendra Damodardas Modi. All the conversations with required details are highlighted in the book including the controversial meeting held in Gujarat CM's office on Feb 27th 2002 which was the most crucial event which was a driving force of the emergence of a strong national political leader of today "Modi".