Wednesday, November 1, 2017


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It was a cloudy morning drive to my office and I had tuned to a motivational podcast to kill my driving boredom in City's honking congestion. The podcast was the speech of Tamil Motivational speaker 'Suki Sivam' who always delivers a perfect blend of thoughts for me/any listener to start a day. This post is just one day one way journey experience of mine to my workplace. Let me unwind more with a disclaimer of sincere attempt to ensure this read should be a worth investment of your time.

Interesting excerpt which I want to extract is about the definition of Life from his spectacles just like many other philosophers/scientists/spiritual leaders do in their own ways to sell their point of view. This one sounded genuine and generic to me.

What is Life buddy?
   -  Work as much as you can
   -  Love the people in your nest/distant from nest as much as you can everyday
   -  Try to be happy as much as you can and try to make others happy as much as you can
   -  Repeat this cycle every day and go to bed in the night until you do not wake up the next day!
Definitely I align with your conclusion after listening/reading the above conception; although the phrase might sound interesting to listen, the bucket of challenges would be showering in real life to execute or even to contemplate to follow. Absolutely! Agreed. That said, how this gyaan will really help or even make sense? Just lingering this phrase whenever we encounter a challenge or a negative disruption would ultimately weaken our demotivation factor and the consequent hyper/hypo tension sickness relatively better than the options prescribed by our seasoned physicians. This can also be consumed as a capsule any number of times a day with or without a sip of water.

I just want to drill further on the first statement in the above excerpt 'Work as much as you can'. Though the thought sounds very broad and tutorial, best protocol to achieve this is to incline to Stephen Covey's eighth habit 'Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs!'.  You should align your heart, mind, body and spirit to find your voice which is nothing but the inherent passion treasured in every one of you. Dig out the ONE THING which interests you, motivates you and never makes you to feel bored. That ONE THING is the 'Work' which we should do as much as we can as referred above. That's where we will mine excitement in the given gyaan.

Abdul Kalam also suggests to find that unique 'YOU FACTOR' in you and chalk out all your goals & objectives in Life towards that direction. That 'YOU FACTOR' is nothing but the 'Work' which you should do as much as you can. In fact, he goes a step ahead and stress on the fact that the entire world around you is trying very hard to ensure you don't attain the 'YOU FACTOR' and battle gets tougher every single day. 

Vivekanda iterates to discover 'ONE IDEA' in life, dream about it and live the Life for that idea. That 'IDEA' is the 'WORK' which we should do as much as we can.

Another scintillating thought which Suki Sivam sprinkles with a Psychological blend -

The intensity of happiness you perceive when all your wishes come true in life is equivalent to the intensity when you just assume/believe that you already have all your wishes accomplished in life. Because, your assumption (or hope) will give you the confidence as well as the frequency to get your wishes in place sooner or later. So, no point in worrying about the unmet expectations in Life.

Suggest to read it thrice to incur the above concept as I had rewound the pod five times while listening. This is the central thought on which the popular 'Secret' book is built upon.

Plenty of such proven preachers' thoughts torch upon the fundamental idea of finding our USP and cementing that with our every single contribution on every single day towards it. Indeed a tougher iteration to discover the 'You Factor' will be an exciting journey if we happen to love it!

Alright, it was time to turn off my Engine and park my car. Yep, I had arrived and heading to my desk to start my day.  Trust I haven't bored with this blend while you read. Stay tuned for the next blend if you believe the above disclaimer was not over quoted :-)