Sunday, October 6, 2013

Barbie of a Toddler !!!

It was a late morning stroll. As usual, I was listening to music and glancing the things happening around on my way. I always believe that good music in the morning makes my day, though it doesn’t work most of the time. I was observing a small cute girl playing with her new boxed Barbie doll in her hand on my lane. Because of a change of track in my playlist, there was a pause in my ear-phone. I heard the giggling of that toddler and it was heart-warming more than “Kun Faya Kun” of Rahman, the last track which I had listened on my playlist.  I paused the music completely and was standing aside to watch her play with the doll in such a way not to disturb her excitement.  She was heartily enjoying with her toy as if she had got the best thing on earth. She unwrapped the box and hugged her Barbie tightly as if it was her own kid. Later on, she started speaking with it in her mother tongue as if the Barbie is responding for everything. Suddenly, she noticed that some senseless idiot was observing her and starred at him and ran away with her kid. That senseless idiot was none other than me. I was completely out of my sense on seeing such a cute toddler enjoying her life in her own way. After a while, I realized that she left on seeing my reaction.

I strolled a bit. An old man, seemingly in his seventies, was playing cricket with his grandson. Again, I stood aside and started observing the game. I hardly found any difference in the excitement of the small boy and that gramps. In spite of the age, there was a flawless fun and bliss amongst them. This reiterated my thought that they bask in their own way. Both the scenes pinged close to my heart which stalled my restless mind. 
Still, my music was in pause mode which I didn’t realize. My deep contemplation got ignited with these scenes. Every one of us knows that the very purpose of this life is to have fun without harming our peer species. But, do we really keep that in mind throughout our lifespan? Never. Sooner or later, we all are cornered to forget this mantra since our busy life demands us to get completely occupied on “What we have to do?” by leaving no time to contemplate about “Why we have to do?”. In that case, it is becoming more of survival rather than just living it. Though many of us feel like negating this factoid, we get no substantiating facts to do it. Because, we are just surviving in our life but not living it.

My inner self prompts the reason for this. That is “Stereotyped Life”. Yes. Most of us are indulged in a stereotypical syndrome in our lives. So, we aren’t able to define and design our own happiness in life. We are sticking to just what is already prescribed. We don’t want to discover our own traits of bliss and happiness. We aren’t dare enough to break the stereotypes in our lives. In fact, we have become like caged birds no matter whether the cage is gold. For an instance, we waste most of our life in merely impressing others. Though few of us consciously disagree with this fact, our subconscious can’t deny it. The mental state “to impress others or what others will think or say” demands us to do things which others like, rather doing things what we like. Don’t buy i-Phone if you really won’t use. Don’t go to McD or Dominos if you really don’t find it yummy. Don’t code for money, if you find pain in your ass. Don’t just do it, just for the sake of doing it !!

This kind of inclined mind-set deteriorates the values of our own world which subconsciously hits our mind which in turn makes our life mechanical and apathetic. The consequence makes our mind malleable and stingy. So, even a trivial distrust, gloom, disappointment or hurt leads to a universal disease called “Stress”. Many physicians and research studies warn this generation that more than 60% of us are susceptible to Psychological disorders, Cardiac diseases and Diabetes because of drastic change in lifestyle and practices which are mere outcomes of getting influenced by others.

“Why am I not able to experience the stainless happiness just like that toddler and the gramps?” If you throw this query to your inner-self, it would let you realize that “You have to stop impressing others and start impressing yourself. Break the stereotypes of your life. You need not follow things bluntly since others are doing it. You don’t live in dais but on mud. Be original, unique and listen to yourself rather leaning towards others. Live in your own way. After all, its our life, we live it only once ! So, be a dumb or deaf if the any dumbo tries to knock the door of your life. There is no threshold or metric for happiness. So, seek for the fullest. Everything will automatically fall in place. Love and being loved !! ”
It isn’t about living towards a dream or a goal in life. Just live for your happiness with no cost of others’. Just like a Barbie or Cricket, discover yours and just move on with it. That is what is meant to be our destiny of life ! This thought is neither philosophical nor psychological but as simple as that.

Don’t just survive but live it.