Friday, August 19, 2011

~~Motherland in Morass~~

It was a night, people who did not even know what Dhoni and Gauti were doing at the crease were shouting "Indiaaaaaaaaaaa Indiaa" with tricolors on faces and hands. Was a great day to come to know the intense patriotic feel found among many Indians on the day of derby between India and Lanka on April 2nd 2011. The pride of being the champions was reflected almost on the 12 billion faces that night.In fact, many cricket freaks took off from their workplaces and educational institutions to watch Ind-Pak Semi.To be unfeigned, I am one among them.

After all for a cricketing event, we did all these things. PATRIOTISM doesn't stop with mere a gaming event or just watching movies like "Roja" or "Bombay" with eyes wet. The time has come for everything to go live.
Hope everyone is aware that something is happening in our country for the sake of wrecking the grafts throughout the country for the past few days. Huge support has been observed everywhere. Its our damn privilege to get into it.
Is it a bothering thing for a 74 years old man to start a selfless crusade like this for such a huge cause for the nation? Will it make any sense for his days to come? Definitely Not !
All these days we were projecting a reason that "We don't have anyone to guide for such a protest!" But, he is there now. He is relinquishing his food for life to feed your generations to come. Are we going to keep mum still? Don't we feel shameless?

It is not a thing to be watched by lying down on our bed in an air-conditioned room and switching between Timesnow and NDTV with a burger and coke aside. Never look this issue as just happening in the living room of your neighbor. It is happening on your own living room and our heads would be kicked off if we do not proceed in making this protest aggressive.

I have seen a fellow villager in a news channel whose monthly income wont even cross the money we spend in McDonalds or KFCs or whatever for a lunch, has come from a deep inner village of Gujarat to Ramlila. People from IIMs and IITs have joined their hands. For the very first time, gathering is there in India for an event which is apart from politics and Gaming. Will it make any sense if we keep fixing bugs for those foreign clients when our own place is suffering ?

A brickbat has come on the Government of India but still they are yet to realize its severity and seriousness.It is pretending to be deaf but cant persist anymore. Being born in the land of all these happenings, we are suppose to foray into the fight.We should make our sound audible and breakable to those ghosts. That doesn't mean and we should give up our food for the sake and stay starve unto the bill has been passed. Mere participation is ample to reveal that we have spirit of our motherland.

Hope all of us are either in metros or cities and everywhere the protest is happening at somewhere. We can just spend some time there apart our work, parties,shopping, outings or whatever. The real feel of patriotism would spark in us if we ought to spend even a minute over there with those people who have really dedicated themselves in the major cause.

Acrimony hits everyone when the Government accuses Annaji as a source of Maoists.And adding that this fellow has an US back ground who doesn't even know to speak in English. What the hell these parlimentarians and bureaucrats are trying to niggle on that one among Aam Aadhmi ? Even the oppositions or any other political parties are not espousing that great man. This itself reveal how genuine Indian Rajneethi is !

Basically I don't believe in Gandhism. But this is the only suave weapon that can be a fray weapon which would get the dirts out of the country at least for a certain extent.

One among 12 billions has posted the following status in a social networking site.
It takes years to hang Kasab,
It took months to arrest Kalmadi,
But, it took minutes to arrest Hazare.
Welcome To India !
Can we stay spineless even after these kinds of happenings in our motherplace?
Also, its time to show who we are to those people who were slighting and blabbering about the youths of India as irresponsible Idiots. It all happened and happening because of those squalid people and we are suppose to make everything immaculate by kicking them out from everything. Time to reveal that our patriotism doesn't stop with mere a bat and ball or whatever. Anything can be done with the youth power !

Bull shit is happening everywhere around us ! Never be bigot still. Unless we get ourselves into evading it, the generations to come would be noxious.
Our motherland is in a morass my dear fellow people. Please let us stop saying "Vande Matharam" with inner voices and stay obstinate in sounding it louder and bit more louder in our streets.

Something GOOD is happening at our place. Is it a big thing to say "YES, I DO SUPPORT" ?

With pride being an Indian,
~~GuRu bHaI~~