Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mr.So called Underachiever!

"Underachiever" tagline has become viral globally about our "Mr.So called Economist" a.k.a Prime minister of India Dr.Manmohan Singh being revealed by the most ubiquitous British daily newspaper TIMES recently. Before getting into useless debate and discussions over this British media on criticizing Indian Prime minister, it is kind of necessitated task of contemplating from our shore first.

How come this faineance sickness of our Democratic leader has gone for the visibility of the global floor?
Talk of the town kind of issue about this fellow used to happen nationwide has reached the multinational exposure now!

Undoubtedly, it has now become a disgusting fame to our national prestige and could even an alarming intimation to our multiple foes beyond the borders!

By the way, who is this Underachiever?
Just rewind back a decade for a brief recall about him!

Many of us have almost forgotten this gentleman's marvellous achievements and contributions to the Indian economic history. It is a well known fact that we Indians are good in culture but bad in memory in all means! So, let us get to know about this gentleman again. Apart from being the Alumni of Cambridge and Oxford, he had been the RBI governor from 1982 to 85. During his tenure, he had introduced many radical banking policies and incorporated many new inductive measures in RBI Act which are still considered to be the remarkable milestones in Indian banking industry and are being followed.

Later on, he had become the deputy chairman of Planning commission during when he had been thoroughly appreciated for purveying many significant decisions in implementing many profitable financial moves. He has won multiple accolades for his contribution towards country's effective capital turn over and resource utilisations for many inductive plans throughout the country from then economists and critics. 

Finally, this economist had turned to a politician and had become the Finance minister of India during 1991.
It was the period where India was in a desperate need of economic reforms since the climate was extremely bad globally just as it is today. This novice finance minister with the help of then Prime Minister Mr.Narasimma Rao had restructured all our existing economic policies more than partial and the whammy machinery to a completely innovative system which comprised the induction of International investments in Indian markets for the very first time. He had completely slashed the domestic subsidies and eliminated the unnecessary bureaucratic controls on patenting and licensing on Indian trade.  He had encouraged the internal and external entrepreneurs to proliferate the competitions among the domestic and foreign business means. Also, he had simplified the tax structure and minimised the profligate patents. This bold reform had brought a revolutionary energy to the Indian economy to stand out of the global market. In 1994, he had passed a budget in the parliament which had created about 10 million jobs in the country and had been considered the best budget of the nation till today. It was only during his period, all those economic terms like GDP, Fiscal deficit, inflation were positive and in favour of grooming Indian economy. 

These are just a part of his extraordinary contributions to the Indian economic world!
Such a tremendous gentleman is called Mr.Underachiever today!Doesn't sound awkward to us?

But, why such a descending transformation on this iconic personality? Again, it ends up rhetoric if you contemplate! 

Now, this economist has been our Prime Minister for almost 8 years. Such a intellectual brain which has been responsible for such amazing achievements is stupidly called "Underachiever" for being a poor headed decision maker. Can we able to imagine a small cue at least?

Yep! Mere a power cannot help a man to incorporate all his perspectives and decisions on a ruling! It is the Italian remote control matters here which has taken his job. So, he has nothing to do with his role other than being oblivious to all the queries thrown by media, opposition and people towards his dais. Even he had learnt to stay dumb for all those abysmal criticisms by all giant tycoons of the country!  

One man's intelligence cannot carry this hugest democratic economy forward! Only intellectual togetherness in power could make some sense in public welfare which is quite impossible in this corrupted political ambience.

Anyways, the only recent consoling happening is the resignation of Bengali parliamentarian for the thirst of becoming the first citizen of the country who was holding the post of economic godfather till last week. At least now, this underachiever has got a fantabulous opportunity to disprove all those false and misconceptions about his rule over the country all these years by becoming the current Finance Minister of India. Finally, he has got his deliberate role to promote the economic slowdown of the country in all means at present to avoid imminent deceptive recession or whatever! 

Hope the Italian clench would loosen in his newly bestowed role at least to let him to do his deserved dedication for God's sake. Also, it is his retributive duty to keep us out of this intimidating economic offing! 

Let him make the same British Media to apologize in the imminent publishes for such a vulnerable descriptions about him by achieving esteemed economic measures just like his historic ones! 

Friday, July 6, 2012

What's on your mind?

"Facemash" - a utility intentionally made for the library users of Harvard in 2003 has now captured 901 million users worldwide! This is the recent astounding statistical achievement of the most popular social networking site named "Facebook" which has overcome all the pre-existed social networking rebels and it has now became the competent godfather of today's internet world. Recent ouster of novice Google circle has been the best illustration for the extreme reachability of FB among the internet freaks.

Recently, FB stock has been rolled in the hugest market NYSE and has created many flows and glows among the global economic crowd. Sole master mind behind all these stunning stretches is none other than Mark Zukerberg! Kudos to this inventor who has contracted the global latitudes and longitudes on human relationships further more. He has simply reinvented the fantasy in human networking which has thrown this nestled product to heights.

A query on my mind is "Are we really connected with this wildfire?"

"Yes" would be the justified answer to this query with the maximum probability!

Before moving on with this justification, I wanna put on another query to you all.

When did you sign in to your Orkut account recently?  
The answer authenticates the ultimate success of Facebook!

Alright! Now, move on!!

It is an earthly human mentality that whenever he finds something novice in his way, he would acquire the desire towards it. But lasting on it would happen only if the found thing is realised as the better one! This has grasped the maximum number of eye balls towards FB!

And yes, this novice networking nest has outperformed our craze towards whammy Orkut and has now become a prime part of our composed lives of many.

Status updates and Notifications on mobile phones has been viral addictive events of our lives these days. Whenever we have come across any celebrations or meet ups or whatever events or happenings in life, the next thing that strikes our mind is to upload all the captured pics in FB and keep awaiting the "Likes" and "Comments" with alacrity from our friends and relatives across geographies.

From Kiddoos to grannies are facebooking these days. “Easiest camaraderie of using” is the core cue behind this facebook cult among the users!

Old wines are quite easily caught with in this facebooking nest. Yes! Capturing the older friends who have gone completely out of contact has its greatest possibility in FB. Not only mine, even my dad and grandpa could make out their older friends in no time. No matter how many friends you have on your cart, you would get to know all the periodical happenings of all of them!! Orkut has failed to accomplish many of these objectives due to lack of clarity and reachability among its wide range of users.

"Groups" and "Games" has dragged many people of appropriate focuses and tastes into this nest. "Alike" thinkers are brought together. Iconic people could make effective use of this nest to stay connected with their acolytes.

Sharing our perspectives and views has now caught the easiest possible way in the internet world which could reach the right audiences as we want. We could get a better transparency in mining the information about the people or the entity we wanna move with in both personal and professional ways.

Facebook has targeted the emotional catch among its audience which has been cleverly conquered as the prime part of its wonderful objective. Indeed, it is not such an easy thing to expel the widely existed Google’s Orkut from the Social networking market!! But, it has factually happened!!

Scrutinizing the descending side of this social networking mania, we got to say one thing that "It has belittled the human involution in real life to a greater extent due to his easily reachable spectrum in Internet life!"

Yep! I got wishes for my birthday from my pals only in Facebook who are staying just few streets aside my place. Those who do chat and trap in FB messenger fail to do the same when happen to meet us in straight. Those who are liking your display pictures and cover photos fail to inform you about their wedding which is about to happen in a week. People who are indulged in status updates and notifications flunk to do the same in reality. To be precise, this new trend has Mani folded the existing laziness and lethargy of human lives and has made them more sluggish in all means!

Despite all these dizzy prospects, this book is indeed an ideal dais to scribble whatever runs on your mind stream. Yes, it is the only book which always asks you "Whats on you mind?" whenever you happen to disclose it!

World has become small and open! And, FB has become an amenity to us! So, keep revealing things on your mind to make you keep moving on!