Tuesday, April 22, 2014

NaMo Blindness & the real spectacle of Kejri’s Ideology

I strongly believe that our PM prospect Mister Narendra Modi would beat the sales record of Chetan Bhagat if he would write a book on “How to sell yourself?” or “How to brand yourself?” and would definitely be the most rewarded bestselling author of the era. Being from marketing background, I admire each and every move of this brand personality. Hats off NaMo!

Well, merely marketing won’t solve the actual purpose of the customers. Delivering quality product and service matters according to the needs and wants of the customers is the bedrock of Philip Kohtler’s marketing concept. In this context, the electorate plays the role of the customers. Their payment in terms of votes going to decide the quality of the service of the Government for the next five years. NaMo has beautifully understood it and playing the cards of his game accordingly. The craziness or the loyalty towards the brand NaMo is the consequence of his branding strategies.  The loyalty is acting as the iron curtain to the NaMo freaks who are impacted by so called NaMo wave, I also tend to call it as NaMo blindness. I don’t assert that NaMo doesn’t deserve to be the PM of such a vast democracy. But, I want to stress on the fact that ‘he is not the best option among the available ones’.

This salesman cleverly projects two selling points in his campaigns viz. development and governance for which he demands for STABLE GOVERNMENT. So, the supporters or the people are convinced that only STABLE GOVERNMENT can deliver development and good governance. If you are convinced with this fact, what is the logic behind the pointless question towards the popular yet controversial common man transformed to political leader Mister Arvindh Kejriwal, “Why did he quit the Delhi Government though people wanted him to continue?” Because, without stable Government, how come he could deliver his promise of corruption free Governance? In fact, what media claimed as ‘the political drama’ is the struggle faced by him in executing his vision on governance. He tried to implement his promises but couldn’t able to deliver because of the lack of majority. Give him the majority and then start your commentary. Can you just think about a political leader in the Indian political history who has quit the Government for a similar cause? If he is hungry for power like NaMo, he would have not dissolved the Government. If you claim that it was a political stunt, so as the marketing positioning of NaMo. I bet that taking a risk of opting for AK is safer than opting for NaMo.

For those who claim and support AAP only as a movement but not as a political party, I humbly request you to revise your primary school history text books to get to know about the history of Congress of today and so as the transcendental birth of BJP.  It was a freedom struggle movement transformed to Indian National Congress which later transformed to the Congress of today. In between, BJP has taken birth because of internal counter views. So, the situation demands the transformation of any movement into political party which is undoubtedly a flawless move. History tells that the objective matters but not the form of means to accomplish it. Hence, AAP can be a political party derived from an anti-corruption movement. So, this claim isn’t valid anymore.

There is a buzz word being floated among the people called “Change” which technically could refer to change of government at the center or change of governance. Both NaMo followers and AAP claim that they will bring the change. But, if you historically analyse the governance of UPA and NDA parties, you will hardly find any difference in their policies including the accountability of corruption. Only the noises during campaigning differ from each other. But, AAP, irrespective of its background, have come up with a really new and strong ideology of creating some change in the country. It has changed the style and the complete political machinery which would need time amongst people to understand and digest. Its evolution is going to make a big mark in the world history. But, it will definitely take time for the acceptance of the people.

Anyways, this time, despite the surveys, it is a pretty simple prediction that NDA headed by NaMo is going to form the Government. On 16th of May, the entire country is waiting not for the results but for the strength of the Government at the center and the how far UPA is going to get cornered by its loyal people.  And, of course, the vote share of the AAP across the country matters this time above which the confidence will be built over for the forthcoming elections.  

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Yes, he is an Anarchist !

Hope you watched the above video.

Well. People wanted a change but they don’t want to experience the change. Interesting! Doesn’t it sound like an oxymoron? If you expect the cleansing to be done, it can’t be done on the air conditioned board rooms but only on the streets and its grassroots. History tells that the ground rule of democracy is ‘Unless you ask for something loudly, you won’t get it’.

Yes, he is the CM but not the conventional one as you have ever seen over ages. He wanted to accomplish whatever he has promised. Being a sprinter, he has to come across all hurdles. As a decision maker, execution is equivalently important as the planning. In the contemporary context, he has given an ample timespan to the apex Government to respond back but it remained as a silent dumbo (as traditionally it is) even after the deadline. Their silence kindled the agitation. So, he is back on the streets with action.  Of course, he is an Anarchist.

A Government without the control over a police is a skeleton without a flesh. If he presses on this demand with a crowd to claim the power of regularity, he has become a man of immorality. People who criticize him now for the Dharna are modest enough to stay dumb when they become the victims of the Police or any illegal sex/drug rackets. Sounds great ! Of course, the one who is claiming for it is an Anarchist.

Media which was lost while he was agitating before getting into power and suddenly has become keen on generating revenue by centring him in all the episodes from his sneeze to his stroll. Interestingly, the number of bathrooms in his quarters was a topic of discussion one day. Wow! Kudos. Coincidentally, the dharna has become their key revenue generator for them by stopping the viewers and readers from interpreting the facts. People are excited to feed their TRPs and refrain from reading the facts which is the bottom-line of media of today. So, if media says he is an anarchist, really he is.

Does he know the legal formalities? Dose he know the ethical formalities? Does he care about law and order problems of a capital region? Many more lingering questions have become the topic of debates with Arnab, Karan and other discussions of verbal diarrhoea 24/7 *nonsense channels (sorry *news). If someone is dare enough to break the political or bureaucratic stereotype to safeguard his people, he becomes an Anarchist. Even with a national wide agitation, Lokpal was possible only after 30 months with the incumbent UPA. Do you think the control of police could be got with merely a letter from the Chief Minister of Delhi to the Home minister? (FYI, this was claimed by them as a formal process of request) If you think so, you have balls but not him. So, he is an anarchist.
With no clue about Somnath Bharti’s claim, cornering him for wrong allegation is the height of intelligence of Indian citizens. Have you ever seen any law minister flooding to the venue where illegality is complained? If you have heard, you have great global exposure but I haven’t. Of course, why the hell he had done so? For which he is facing multi-channel criticisms today. If a CM pats him for his job, he is undoubtedly an anarchist.

He promised that he won’t ally with Kangaroos and saffron whales before election. But, to kill the hunger of post, he allied with Kangaroos. Does he have any sense? Today, he is crusading to confiscate the allied kangaroos for their hash tags. Is he from asylum? Or he has any political motto behind every breath? If “yes” is the answer for all the above questions, he is ultimately an anarchist. This common man is acting like a leech and sucking the blood of Kangaroos. They pretend like they have no sense to throw him out. This ha only two possibilities, either Kangaroos don't have blood or they are under medication. But the mystery says that no matter whatever the possibility is, Kangaroos are shameless to this senseless guy by not loosening the hold over him. For them, the fear of whales is priority concern than the noise of this anarchist. Great ! They deserve a year long applause !!  

Why the hell he is disturbing the arrangements and security issues of republic day celebrations? Why is he creating trouble for the civilians of the city by this Dharna drama? But we were okay with millions of rallies which have completely frozen the public lives since more than six decades. But, who the hell is this fresher to stop our metro rails (which of course done by our honorable central Government but still we would like to blame him)? Republic day is like a Diwali or Durga Pooja for us. We hardly bother whether a Danish or a Portuguese woman gets gang raped by our citizens. But, we make noise when our woman is striped by some foreign forces even if she is criminalized for any act. We never stay calm and quiet when our pride goes for a stake in foreign sand. Because, we love our nation but don't respect the other ones. And, the source of hindrance must be an anarchist.  

For those who have fallen into the trap of mesmerism of weird white beard chai wala (as he would like to be called), you have taken the greatest decision in the era of democracy. He is not only the best salesman of the decade but also the tomb of development who is awaiting to embrace the parliament with a crown. Keep your fingers crossed to escalate the country to a dream-come-true state. The prophet has been arrived to safeguard us. So, please give him the charge. Don't waste your time in listening to the pointless claims of a stainless anarchist 

You are wise enough to break into laughter on seeing the Dharna drama happening at our capital on all *nonsense channels(sorry *news). Unfortunately, he is a clown with no charisma and hence cornered to be an anarchist.

After all a common man, so we don't have patience for even six months though we had since six decades for other lucid national parties. They have all the rights and reverences to blame this stupid common man who has just got into the field because they have done wonders to this lovely country. Because, he is an anarchist. 

My humble suggestion for drama freaks is, you can order a family pack pizza and enjoy the forthcoming dramas of Anarchist on your tellies. Because, a lot more to come until the Kangaroos quit the hall of shame. Don’t miss the cheese burst on the pizza.  Seriously yummy and a mouth watering choice!