Friday, August 23, 2013

Ready Steady Po !

It is not surprising to read the news today morning in TOI that “Chennai Express” has made a box office collection of more than 150 Crores in just two weeks. Yet again, the brand SRK has proved that its brand value burgeons in its every new launch. SRK, the Bollywood Baadsha is keen in every damn thing he does to ensure his brand equity enhances in multiple folds.

The brand tardily started evolving when has sung “Tu je dekha to he jaana sanam” a decade before with Kajol and it has emerged to its extravagant embodiment with the latest rocking Lungi dance with Deepika Padkone in praising Rajni Sir. Well, today, the brand SRK, a conglomerate of his acting, Film production, TV Personality and endorsements has a net worth of $600 million. Seems, brand Bacchan is no more a horizon for SRK. King of Bollywood has made more than 70 films and in every new release, the excitement and the expectation of his fan clubs across the world play a crucial role in his box office hits. The way he promotes his movies in every possible mean are heights of marketing in branding. More than an actor, he is more of a marketer of himself.

Wherever he goes, he ensures that he captures the attention of the target audience by reading their pulse so as to enrich his brand identity and thereby its value. It is indeed an art which most of the Bollywood icons don’t possess. If you retrospect, many good actors lost their nostalgic presence in Bollywood avenue because of poor branding skills.

Doubtlessly, the arrival of Chennai Express with a tribute to Rajni sir is indeed to capture the eyeballs of South audience where none of the Bollywood players have ever made a potent footprint yet. Beyond numerous assorted reviews & comments, I watched it today. Not a bad try SRK. I would describe it as a typical Rohit Shetty film with right mix of commercial bolt-ons. Though the storyline is a complete zippo, aroma of his objective persisted throughout the movie. I would rather say, Tamilians (so called Madarasis) don’t need subtitle to watch this comic drama. But still, capturing Tamil audience needs behemoth of branding and positioning dude.

May be inducted in the right track but long way to go SRK Macha! We aren’t dumb asses to break into laughter for your poorest jokes and follow your niche fashion trends. Need to impress a lot. We don’t follow Rajni sir but literally worship him not because he is just a star. More than anything, he is a good human.

Never ever dream that you will replace him by playing these poor episodes of marketing here. At least, you have to stop portraying us (Madarasis) as black dumb Indians. Else, the consequences of controversies would remain the same buddy.

Well, King Khan, though it is not your right way to go, you are still progressing. Get ready to step back soon! Don’t lose the latte you hold on thinking of trying the cappuccino in the air !


Monday, August 5, 2013

A new Ball called “Durga” in the Court of Congress

It is no wonder that Congress is making use to the fullest of the new fortunate opportunity of holding the Muslim vote bank by cornering an unfeigned bureaucrat named “Durga Sakthi Nagpal”. Placing pointless charge of poor administrative acumen on a sincere civil servant shows the political desperation of UPA. Hope our country has realized that Congressmen are keenly waiting with their fingers crossed to kindle the communally sensitive issue out of even a negligible plot. If not, it lasts with its compassion. 

Sand mining mafia is a serious issue in almost all parts of the country and the regional bureaucrats are given all required powers to take any draconian action against it. No matter whether the demolished wall belongs to a Mosque, Mandir or a Church, if it is illegally constructed in a Government land, the officer isn’t qualified and paid enough to stay dumb. She had to take severe actions on this serious issue and she just did it. Politicising these administrative actions by filing charge-sheets against a Civil service officer has undoubtedly jeopardised the other peer bureaucrats in taking any similar actions against their regional crimes. 

Neither are the people of the country in the edge of communal violence nor is the state is incapable of controlling the sensitive communal situations if it wishes to. So, engendering these critical issues with political forecasts by Congress owned central Government will end this country up in an unhealthy administrative condition. Kudos to SP Government in bolstering her against the legal proceedings but still if it is intentionally meant to portray the grudge against Congress, pity on brave-heart Miss. Durga Sakthi Nagpal. She hasn’t appropriately accredited for her unbiased duty by these political apes. There are many Durgas in our country who are everyday forced to get rid of their duties and responsibilities owing to these senseless consequences.  

The apex court recently got a wakeup call in granting autonomy to CBI because of the similar political ball games. Now, it is indeed high time for the Supreme Court to realize it’s amended responsibility of ensuring the depoliticised & decriminalised powers of Indian Bureaucracy are rightly upheld. In case, if it snoozes to realize, justified Indian administration will go for a toss.