Monday, August 5, 2013

A new Ball called “Durga” in the Court of Congress

It is no wonder that Congress is making use to the fullest of the new fortunate opportunity of holding the Muslim vote bank by cornering an unfeigned bureaucrat named “Durga Sakthi Nagpal”. Placing pointless charge of poor administrative acumen on a sincere civil servant shows the political desperation of UPA. Hope our country has realized that Congressmen are keenly waiting with their fingers crossed to kindle the communally sensitive issue out of even a negligible plot. If not, it lasts with its compassion. 

Sand mining mafia is a serious issue in almost all parts of the country and the regional bureaucrats are given all required powers to take any draconian action against it. No matter whether the demolished wall belongs to a Mosque, Mandir or a Church, if it is illegally constructed in a Government land, the officer isn’t qualified and paid enough to stay dumb. She had to take severe actions on this serious issue and she just did it. Politicising these administrative actions by filing charge-sheets against a Civil service officer has undoubtedly jeopardised the other peer bureaucrats in taking any similar actions against their regional crimes. 

Neither are the people of the country in the edge of communal violence nor is the state is incapable of controlling the sensitive communal situations if it wishes to. So, engendering these critical issues with political forecasts by Congress owned central Government will end this country up in an unhealthy administrative condition. Kudos to SP Government in bolstering her against the legal proceedings but still if it is intentionally meant to portray the grudge against Congress, pity on brave-heart Miss. Durga Sakthi Nagpal. She hasn’t appropriately accredited for her unbiased duty by these political apes. There are many Durgas in our country who are everyday forced to get rid of their duties and responsibilities owing to these senseless consequences.  

The apex court recently got a wakeup call in granting autonomy to CBI because of the similar political ball games. Now, it is indeed high time for the Supreme Court to realize it’s amended responsibility of ensuring the depoliticised & decriminalised powers of Indian Bureaucracy are rightly upheld. In case, if it snoozes to realize, justified Indian administration will go for a toss.

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