Monday, December 30, 2013

Corruption, open defecation – Which one is stinking more?

“Hygiene factor” is definitely a health issue not only restricted to the healthcare but to all traits of society. Normally, the happening trend in the country never used to get decided by the ground reality but by the media. Inference from the current media’s reflections is the dreamt corruption free India which is the happening thing across the country post the sworn ceremony of the youngest CM of Delhi Government.   

Well. Parking the wait and the forecasts of this brand new young CM against the corruption aside, let me share the excerpts of my instinct which put forth an interesting analogy. Corruption issue in the country is equivalent to the open defecation issue since both demand a conglomerate thought process rather a precise solution to resolve since the consequences of both have to make sense of the ‘to be implemented actions’.   No matter how much ever public toilets built by our Government across the country, still over 50% of Indian population is practising open defecation according to WHO’s (World Health Organization) recent estimate.    Both are the prime sanitary issues of the country which result in endless stinking.  

There are only two solutions possible to rule out the open defecation problem, either to build numerous quality public toilets across the country or to penalize the practisers.  The latter one undoubtedly can’t be done because most of them either don’t afford to build their own toilets or to use paid ones. How can a Government expect homeless to build a toilet for their own? Building toilets with sanitation or paid toilets make no sense in the process of culminating this serious sanitary issue of the country. If someone recommends the idea of educating the people of this country who practise open defecation must be either an NRI who visits India for a vacation or a marketer who would bring in the social responsibility issue to sell his brand to target audience but really not bothered about the issue. This issue is as equally as important as the food security one.  But, the incumbent Government thought it won’t grab as much vote banks as a spineless food security bill is expected to build.  Hence, even reduction of open defecation problem seems like an another hallucinatory action to be accomplished by the Indian Government.  
Let me connect this analogy to my thought on corruption. Languishing the spread of corruption is also an act of pipe dreaming since independence in spite of recent revolutionary Jan Lok pal bill being passed in both the parlimentary houses. Only two possible solutions are there to put period to the epidemic corruptive disease in the country with the assumption that the bribe givers won’t give up tempting the receivers.  First one is the strict action as recommended by the Jan Lok pal Bill towards the corrupt officials based on its scale. But, as the Government claims, the conditions of Jan Lok pal bill completely transfuse the genes of democracy towards autocratic rule in India which won’t be accepted by the people of this country including those who support the bill today without even reading between its lines. So, we are forced to agree that it won’t be universally acceptable or won’t executed as expected. 

Another one is, of course, a reasonably possible one. It is wise to legalize the corruption. This solution doesn’t mean literally to encourage the existing corruptive trend but to completely incentivize the existing conventional administrative system. The incumbent bureaucracy should be translated like a corporate administration system which stems on the push workforce strategy. Rather blaming the Government being corrupt, bring a change in the system of bureaucracy. In fact, this is not my personal recommendation but by Kaushik Basu, Chief Economic advisor of Ministry of Finacne in the year 2011 when the agitation was mushrooming across the country for the first time. Every year, an estimate of US$ 19 billion has been lost from Indian economy because of corruption which translates the white money to black. Even the probability of success of this proposal is also not significant enough to proceed with. Renowned economic commentator Gurucharan Das also bolsters this proposal but he puts forth the biggest lacuna in the proposal which is the protection of whistle-blowers which has to be worked on.  Hence, even this proposal becomes yet another hallucinatory plan.

Incidentally , the hygiene factor has gone for a toss in both the cases. Anyways, both the stinking issues should be considered as priority ones and fixed in the possible effective way beyond current hallucinatory measures to avoid serious economic and social degrowth rather killing time in debating which one is stinking more. 

Neither Arnab Goswami nor Karan Thapar could able to drive us towards the betterment of these issues. So, rather tuning to commercial debates, it is high time to start contemplating about the real time solutions. 

Note –  I have written this blog as a concerned citizen of this country but not as a member of AAP.

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Aurora of Democracy !!

First time, our countrymen proved that we have something called cognition in balloting practice which we never have incorporated in the democratic India post-independence. Eventually, it happened. Yes, dawn of AAP in the history of Indian politics has made its footprint in a dramatic way. We have shown who we are to the world. We have proved that Indians are no more deaf and dumb to nod to whatever dirty politicians demand for. 

We have showcased our real potency to the incumbent policy makers and the inherent political giants. The voting results justified that people have realized that “Right to vote” is the real weapon to kill the evil of corruption and the epidemic political disorder.
Dawn of AAP is indeed the dawn of democracy in the country. We never wanted people of this capital to choose Kejriwalji as their CM. But, we at least wanted to make them realize the significance of emergency of thought process in the balloting since the country is yawning beyond its procrastinated snooze. So, we pushed things hard to wake them up and finally they did. Empirical politics has come to an end in India. People decided that field workers understand their real sources of problems and work towards fixing them than the white collar culprits.
We are overwhelmed with the shower of response from the people of Indian Capital. Fifteen years of BJP’s incompetent efforts have been done by us in just one hundred and fifty days. This would be a scaring alarm for all the political parties across the country who dare to be corrupt in every possible way to balloon the return from their investment on the elections. To those who considered us as buffoons, now it’s time to rethink buddies!!

The cleansing yatra has just begun. Lot more stains on our way to clean up. Broomstick is now tied hard and harsh to clean up the corruptive stains in Indian Bureaucracy and the democracy.  This transformation from common men to public representatives would make our voice louder henceforth. This is just the beginning of thunder-storming revolution in the country. The whole country is awaiting to watch the biz. Revolution is no more a pipe dream !!

Power of common man is felt for the first time in India. Quest for change is reflected today which is indeed the gateway for glittering democracy.  

Jai ho AAP ! Jai ho Kejriwalji ! Jai ho Democracy ! Jai ho India !!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Barbie of a Toddler !!!

It was a late morning stroll. As usual, I was listening to music and glancing the things happening around on my way. I always believe that good music in the morning makes my day, though it doesn’t work most of the time. I was observing a small cute girl playing with her new boxed Barbie doll in her hand on my lane. Because of a change of track in my playlist, there was a pause in my ear-phone. I heard the giggling of that toddler and it was heart-warming more than “Kun Faya Kun” of Rahman, the last track which I had listened on my playlist.  I paused the music completely and was standing aside to watch her play with the doll in such a way not to disturb her excitement.  She was heartily enjoying with her toy as if she had got the best thing on earth. She unwrapped the box and hugged her Barbie tightly as if it was her own kid. Later on, she started speaking with it in her mother tongue as if the Barbie is responding for everything. Suddenly, she noticed that some senseless idiot was observing her and starred at him and ran away with her kid. That senseless idiot was none other than me. I was completely out of my sense on seeing such a cute toddler enjoying her life in her own way. After a while, I realized that she left on seeing my reaction.

I strolled a bit. An old man, seemingly in his seventies, was playing cricket with his grandson. Again, I stood aside and started observing the game. I hardly found any difference in the excitement of the small boy and that gramps. In spite of the age, there was a flawless fun and bliss amongst them. This reiterated my thought that they bask in their own way. Both the scenes pinged close to my heart which stalled my restless mind. 
Still, my music was in pause mode which I didn’t realize. My deep contemplation got ignited with these scenes. Every one of us knows that the very purpose of this life is to have fun without harming our peer species. But, do we really keep that in mind throughout our lifespan? Never. Sooner or later, we all are cornered to forget this mantra since our busy life demands us to get completely occupied on “What we have to do?” by leaving no time to contemplate about “Why we have to do?”. In that case, it is becoming more of survival rather than just living it. Though many of us feel like negating this factoid, we get no substantiating facts to do it. Because, we are just surviving in our life but not living it.

My inner self prompts the reason for this. That is “Stereotyped Life”. Yes. Most of us are indulged in a stereotypical syndrome in our lives. So, we aren’t able to define and design our own happiness in life. We are sticking to just what is already prescribed. We don’t want to discover our own traits of bliss and happiness. We aren’t dare enough to break the stereotypes in our lives. In fact, we have become like caged birds no matter whether the cage is gold. For an instance, we waste most of our life in merely impressing others. Though few of us consciously disagree with this fact, our subconscious can’t deny it. The mental state “to impress others or what others will think or say” demands us to do things which others like, rather doing things what we like. Don’t buy i-Phone if you really won’t use. Don’t go to McD or Dominos if you really don’t find it yummy. Don’t code for money, if you find pain in your ass. Don’t just do it, just for the sake of doing it !!

This kind of inclined mind-set deteriorates the values of our own world which subconsciously hits our mind which in turn makes our life mechanical and apathetic. The consequence makes our mind malleable and stingy. So, even a trivial distrust, gloom, disappointment or hurt leads to a universal disease called “Stress”. Many physicians and research studies warn this generation that more than 60% of us are susceptible to Psychological disorders, Cardiac diseases and Diabetes because of drastic change in lifestyle and practices which are mere outcomes of getting influenced by others.

“Why am I not able to experience the stainless happiness just like that toddler and the gramps?” If you throw this query to your inner-self, it would let you realize that “You have to stop impressing others and start impressing yourself. Break the stereotypes of your life. You need not follow things bluntly since others are doing it. You don’t live in dais but on mud. Be original, unique and listen to yourself rather leaning towards others. Live in your own way. After all, its our life, we live it only once ! So, be a dumb or deaf if the any dumbo tries to knock the door of your life. There is no threshold or metric for happiness. So, seek for the fullest. Everything will automatically fall in place. Love and being loved !! ”
It isn’t about living towards a dream or a goal in life. Just live for your happiness with no cost of others’. Just like a Barbie or Cricket, discover yours and just move on with it. That is what is meant to be our destiny of life ! This thought is neither philosophical nor psychological but as simple as that.

Don’t just survive but live it.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Ready Steady Po !

It is not surprising to read the news today morning in TOI that “Chennai Express” has made a box office collection of more than 150 Crores in just two weeks. Yet again, the brand SRK has proved that its brand value burgeons in its every new launch. SRK, the Bollywood Baadsha is keen in every damn thing he does to ensure his brand equity enhances in multiple folds.

The brand tardily started evolving when has sung “Tu je dekha to he jaana sanam” a decade before with Kajol and it has emerged to its extravagant embodiment with the latest rocking Lungi dance with Deepika Padkone in praising Rajni Sir. Well, today, the brand SRK, a conglomerate of his acting, Film production, TV Personality and endorsements has a net worth of $600 million. Seems, brand Bacchan is no more a horizon for SRK. King of Bollywood has made more than 70 films and in every new release, the excitement and the expectation of his fan clubs across the world play a crucial role in his box office hits. The way he promotes his movies in every possible mean are heights of marketing in branding. More than an actor, he is more of a marketer of himself.

Wherever he goes, he ensures that he captures the attention of the target audience by reading their pulse so as to enrich his brand identity and thereby its value. It is indeed an art which most of the Bollywood icons don’t possess. If you retrospect, many good actors lost their nostalgic presence in Bollywood avenue because of poor branding skills.

Doubtlessly, the arrival of Chennai Express with a tribute to Rajni sir is indeed to capture the eyeballs of South audience where none of the Bollywood players have ever made a potent footprint yet. Beyond numerous assorted reviews & comments, I watched it today. Not a bad try SRK. I would describe it as a typical Rohit Shetty film with right mix of commercial bolt-ons. Though the storyline is a complete zippo, aroma of his objective persisted throughout the movie. I would rather say, Tamilians (so called Madarasis) don’t need subtitle to watch this comic drama. But still, capturing Tamil audience needs behemoth of branding and positioning dude.

May be inducted in the right track but long way to go SRK Macha! We aren’t dumb asses to break into laughter for your poorest jokes and follow your niche fashion trends. Need to impress a lot. We don’t follow Rajni sir but literally worship him not because he is just a star. More than anything, he is a good human.

Never ever dream that you will replace him by playing these poor episodes of marketing here. At least, you have to stop portraying us (Madarasis) as black dumb Indians. Else, the consequences of controversies would remain the same buddy.

Well, King Khan, though it is not your right way to go, you are still progressing. Get ready to step back soon! Don’t lose the latte you hold on thinking of trying the cappuccino in the air !


Monday, August 5, 2013

A new Ball called “Durga” in the Court of Congress

It is no wonder that Congress is making use to the fullest of the new fortunate opportunity of holding the Muslim vote bank by cornering an unfeigned bureaucrat named “Durga Sakthi Nagpal”. Placing pointless charge of poor administrative acumen on a sincere civil servant shows the political desperation of UPA. Hope our country has realized that Congressmen are keenly waiting with their fingers crossed to kindle the communally sensitive issue out of even a negligible plot. If not, it lasts with its compassion. 

Sand mining mafia is a serious issue in almost all parts of the country and the regional bureaucrats are given all required powers to take any draconian action against it. No matter whether the demolished wall belongs to a Mosque, Mandir or a Church, if it is illegally constructed in a Government land, the officer isn’t qualified and paid enough to stay dumb. She had to take severe actions on this serious issue and she just did it. Politicising these administrative actions by filing charge-sheets against a Civil service officer has undoubtedly jeopardised the other peer bureaucrats in taking any similar actions against their regional crimes. 

Neither are the people of the country in the edge of communal violence nor is the state is incapable of controlling the sensitive communal situations if it wishes to. So, engendering these critical issues with political forecasts by Congress owned central Government will end this country up in an unhealthy administrative condition. Kudos to SP Government in bolstering her against the legal proceedings but still if it is intentionally meant to portray the grudge against Congress, pity on brave-heart Miss. Durga Sakthi Nagpal. She hasn’t appropriately accredited for her unbiased duty by these political apes. There are many Durgas in our country who are everyday forced to get rid of their duties and responsibilities owing to these senseless consequences.  

The apex court recently got a wakeup call in granting autonomy to CBI because of the similar political ball games. Now, it is indeed high time for the Supreme Court to realize it’s amended responsibility of ensuring the depoliticised & decriminalised powers of Indian Bureaucracy are rightly upheld. In case, if it snoozes to realize, justified Indian administration will go for a toss.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Who the hell am I? - III

India is always considered as a place of heritage and culture which always gives us immense pride to portray to the global dais. But, there is a stained flip side sticking to our country’s culture which darkens our way of lifestyle to the outside world. No matter how far we grow or groom in economy and lifestyle, it is still knottier to get rid of this stain. Yes, the stain is nothing but the “Societal discrimination”. Unfortunately, history tells that Indian heritage plays a huge role in this discrimination among the people of this traditional geography. There are various reasons behind this societal segmentation. India basically is not a origin of any category of people. All are mere immigrants from north west Asia with varietal backgrounds. They together constituted the nationality at various points of times due to various influences  and sources.

Despite the history, shamefully, the discrimination happens in our country starting from the day of cradle to one's graveyard. Yep, believe me. It lasts till graveyard. Yesterday, I went to my friend’s village where graveyard was segmented to various castes. Upper castes were allocated separate space and other lower castes were allocated separate space somewhere else for their cremations. In fact, there was a segregation of space amongst lower castes itself.  Not only here, still most of the villages in India are following this kind of practice. If there exists any word to describe a superlative shamefulness, I would rather opt for it to express my intense feeling on behalf of my fellow countrymen when I had noticed it that day.  As usual, my instinct interrogated me, "Why the hell this is happening in your country still?".  My contemplation embarked on. 

Why this is happening? Where does this caste system origin? What is the source of all this? Let me share what I got to know. Between, I am not getting into the sensitive reservation issue of the country which would source for spineless agitations. It has nothing to do with political compass. Alright. Let me unwind !

Few thousand years back, considerably B.C., there was no such discrimination prevailed as we come across today. Migrated people were engaged in robust occupations and no significant segregation among them was observed. History and Hindu mythology together give an evolution to today’s caste system in India. 

This evolutionary story would contain few fictitious characters. Please bear with it. According to me, “God” is a fictitious character in our modus vivendi.  It rolls out as follows! 

Lord Brahma who has been called as “God of Creation” was the best scientist ever seen. It is believed that he had invented many medicines and practices for the humanity apart from his renowned task of mere creation. One among them was termed as “Somras” which was considered as the best invention in the medicinal world even till today. Anyone who happens to have this medicine would live significantly for longer lifespan with no health hazards throughout. Technically, the person who has this medicine will have no death minimum of three hundred years. 

Lord Brahma had decided to give this most valuable medicine to the reliable gentlemen on earth so that the medicine shouldn’t be used for any destructive purposes in future. Accordingly, he had picked seven best gentlemen across the world who satisfied all his requirements since he believed they won’t violate the rules of humanity. Before giving the medicine to them, Brahma asked them three promises which should not be broken at any point of time in future.  He also taught them how to make the medicine. 

· They should not become entrepreneurs or involve in any trade or business. They should not become rulers as well.
· They shouldn’t lead normal human livelihood rather they should beg food from others for everyday existence by promoting all Hindu Vedas and Upanishads. 
· They should give the medicine to the next generation people with similar characteristics with similar promises.

Those seven gentlemen agreed for the promise and had the medicine and started living their lives as promised to Lord Brahma. These seven people were called as “SaptaRishis” and since they had the Somras from Brahma, they were also called as “Brahmins”. 
These Brahmins later had become priests and the practice of giving the Somras to the next generation people persisted. As a result of succession, many Brahmins were evolved. Because of Somras, they were considered as the best in all means and they outperformed others because of their inherent and intellectual abilities. 

Similarly, the people who were physically strong involved in battling and military practices and they were named as Kshatrias. The Kshatrias became the rulers of the countries across the world who administered and safeguarded their countrymen.  Similarly, Vaishyas became the businessmen who involved in trading and agriculture. Last category was Shudras who became the workers for the above two categories of people. So, rather by birth, the categorization was done based on the occupations of the people in the past and there was also compartmentalization in each of these categories because of various mythologies. People of those eras weren’t bothered with this kind of segmentation since they considered that this law was imposed by their lord (Supposedly Lord Ram. Till today, Ram Rajya (Government of Ram) is believed to be the best administration on earth). No much partition issues were recorded since the acceptance existed universally. But, later on, the transformation started occurring  because of various influential factors in the history. 

As centuries passed, the Brahmins tardily started migrating towards the administration and trade. As a result, the effect of Somras started getting diminished and with the phase of evolution they got involved in almost all means of lives today.  So, the longevity and the lifespans of Brahmins slowly started belittling. Also, people belong to other categories undergone migration due to various changes throughout the history. The above mythology gives a glimpse of the sources which fueled Caste system in our country.

The above categorization is in practice from few thousand years ago which couldn't be eliminated on one fine day by merely implementing reservation and other upliftment policies by Dr.Ambedhkarji. Because, to achieve the mental change amongst the traditional humans by nature would definitely isn't a cakewalk. The time will change everything and these discriminations among the people will turn off slowly.  Balanced society isn't an easy target in a country with such a mythological origin. On the other hand, it isn't a mirage either. May be will take more time unless we get out of this psychological disorder of societal segmentation. This history just revolves around "Hinduism" but every religion on earth has such an evolutionary story everywhere. Rest in India will again fall under another category named "Minorities" who are literally no more the minorities here (According to Sensex statistical report). If we get into this context, the post will become a tangent to its crux. So, its better to stay rid of it. 

My concern here is that the superstitious practices will make this problem sustainable and the time of revolution would be elongated. Every religion has laid certain principles to live and humans have to stick to them. But, they have to change periodically. Humans are adaptable to the changes that occur in time. So, rationally, it is better for us to come out of it tardily. If a Brahmin is allowed to be a ruler or an entrepreneur today, what the hell problem  in allowing a Shudra to the sanctum sanctorum to do puja and aarthi to the deity? What pricks you if he travels in a owned four wheeler? If the deity over there really has some power or potential as you believe, you shouldn't take charge in debating on the permission of anyone in the place of sanctity. Rather, the deity will take care! 

I want to state that “Religion” is discovered for the goodness of the mankind and not for its harm. If it is implied in a destructive or dejecting track, it is better to stay rid of it. That is what I am standing for ! If you are fortunately a Vaishya by birth, you are lucky enough to enjoy few concessions and considerations in this diluted culture, may be because of your ancestors. But, your neighbor who is a Shudra shouldn't be neglected from any of your opportunities. The society has to be undivided to become an open dais for everyone. 

Almost every one here is living with this kind of irrational attitude and leading our life which won't paves way for a unanimous society. Stop bothering about one's caste, creed, origin and all the other (bull shit) discriminations which make no sense at all. To achieve this, you should attain a self actualization of realizing that you are merely an individual just like every other person on earth with no significant difference in physical and mental matter. 

If your religion harms you in achieving it in any way, just chuck it out from your livelihood. Your god won't hurt you for this if he or she really oversees you. This idea might create waves in you. But, if you happen to have some commonsense, just think for a while out of your normal scope of contemplation. 

What do you do with the purpose of life if you aren't knowing it and sharing it? If you deserve something here, your fellow men too should deserve to enjoy it. It is as simple as that. Why the hell you discriminate? If not you, what the hell is the source which tempts you? If you know it, why the hell you give space for it?

Similar kind of practices exist throughout the globe in various ways which originated at various times in history. Discrimination in color (Blacks and Whites) is something which is unacceptable at any cost which is still alive at various parts of the world. Rise of rationalism is the only source of the decline of these ridiculous practices at least to some extent. So, I would like to back it ! 

The earth is unanimous. Land, water and air is meant to be free for everyone. No one should encourage discrimination by any pious mean. If that is the case, then put period to piousness. I am neither an atheist nor a communist ! An anonymous human creature down to earth who is exploring answer for a recurring question of my mind ! 

As you figured out, it is "Who the hell am I?".  If you find time amidst your useless activities of life, just spend a while to find the answer for it !! 

Source for Hindu Mythology - "The Immortals of Meluha" Book written by Amish Tripathi 

Monday, April 8, 2013

No Garlic No Onion ?!

Monotony is the typical constraint in all streams of business and undoubtedly media of today is not exceptional. Yes. They believe that they imbibe boredom if they happen to communicate the same news or coverage over a longer span to the viewers. Expectedly, this business perception strategizes and influences their TRP rating to a greater extent. Best recent example which we can think about is our popular Aam Aadhmi (Common man). Yes, the leader of Aam Aadhmi party, Arvindh Kejriwal, was on fasting for the past fifteen days for a social cause which most of the people are unaware. The reason behind this is the lack of focus by our reverent media channels. They don’t want to grind the already ground flour with the fear that viewers will lack the interest. Despite the fact of his strong positioning among the Delhi voters, the issue is worth enough to be communicated.

Just retrospect and traverse your contemplation a year back.  When the first national level agitation against our national epidemic disease corruption happened, all media lens were focused on this gentleman along with a true patriotic old man.  Fortunately, gathering of people also occurred for the same cause which bolstered their coverage. Tardily, the momentum of the agitation slowed down in due course with series of Lokpal issues and consequently the concentration of news on the issue by the media channels also went down.  They got thirst of catching another hot issue and left that out since no more captivation was observed. Also, as everybody knows, the competition in the media channels is not actually on reflecting the genuine happenings but to maintain so called the competitive advantage higher TRP rate.

In fact, even on newspapers, the space provided for this news is narrowed down since they ought to consider this issue with the least importance. Most of the people are unaware why this gentleman is actually got into this fast.  Just to put light on the reason for his fasting, it has two objectives. The prime was to condemn and push the Delhi Government to reduce the inflated power and water supply bills in the city. His constraint is that most of people in the lower middle class and below that par aren’t able to pay their hiked power and water supply bills since they are struggling hard for their livelihood with the burgeoning cost of living in the capital city.  Another objective behind the fasting is his strong positioning as a “social activist” on the minds of the soon-to-be voters of imminent Delhi election. He responded that there are around ten lakh people who supported his agitation signed that they won’t be paying the power/water supply bills. By considering this as the success of his motto behind the fasting, he has relinquished the fasting.  This time, unfortunately as well as expectedly, there was a poor crowd gathering throughout the fasting period unlike IAC agitation. Of course, we think this isn’t a national cause as if we are worried for it. Eventually, the story has been considered as a trivial one this time by our reverent media channels.

Not only this issue, many  other issues like Delhi rape case, Lankan issue, 2G, Coal and many more went out of sight of our media before the actual issues expire. The follow up coverage is completely lacking with the same heat which make the viewers to lose the catch of the issue itself. The prime reason for poor validity of these core national issues on media channels and long lasting validity on Bollywood and dirty political games is that they have no onion and no garlic toppings. When they last, they aren’t spicy enough to viewers because of monotony. End of the day, TRP matters more for them, neither you and me, nor the genuineness in the news they communicate!!

My question is now to Justice Mr. Markandey Katju who always used to sensitively roar about all the sensitive issues about media waves, “Are you snoring now?”.