Sunday, December 8, 2013

Aurora of Democracy !!

First time, our countrymen proved that we have something called cognition in balloting practice which we never have incorporated in the democratic India post-independence. Eventually, it happened. Yes, dawn of AAP in the history of Indian politics has made its footprint in a dramatic way. We have shown who we are to the world. We have proved that Indians are no more deaf and dumb to nod to whatever dirty politicians demand for. 

We have showcased our real potency to the incumbent policy makers and the inherent political giants. The voting results justified that people have realized that “Right to vote” is the real weapon to kill the evil of corruption and the epidemic political disorder.
Dawn of AAP is indeed the dawn of democracy in the country. We never wanted people of this capital to choose Kejriwalji as their CM. But, we at least wanted to make them realize the significance of emergency of thought process in the balloting since the country is yawning beyond its procrastinated snooze. So, we pushed things hard to wake them up and finally they did. Empirical politics has come to an end in India. People decided that field workers understand their real sources of problems and work towards fixing them than the white collar culprits.
We are overwhelmed with the shower of response from the people of Indian Capital. Fifteen years of BJP’s incompetent efforts have been done by us in just one hundred and fifty days. This would be a scaring alarm for all the political parties across the country who dare to be corrupt in every possible way to balloon the return from their investment on the elections. To those who considered us as buffoons, now it’s time to rethink buddies!!

The cleansing yatra has just begun. Lot more stains on our way to clean up. Broomstick is now tied hard and harsh to clean up the corruptive stains in Indian Bureaucracy and the democracy.  This transformation from common men to public representatives would make our voice louder henceforth. This is just the beginning of thunder-storming revolution in the country. The whole country is awaiting to watch the biz. Revolution is no more a pipe dream !!

Power of common man is felt for the first time in India. Quest for change is reflected today which is indeed the gateway for glittering democracy.  

Jai ho AAP ! Jai ho Kejriwalji ! Jai ho Democracy ! Jai ho India !!

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  1. Awesome Article boss... Well structure ed... Cleansing Yatra Begins...