Sunday, December 23, 2012

More than 3000 Years in just 3 Hours!

Yep. It happened!

I always used to wonder whenever I happen to contemplate about the possibility as well as the workability of a “Time Machine”. Though its existence seems to be fictitious and its invention in the offing to be a pipe dream, nobody could be exceptional from its amazement!

Yesterday, we were literally amused with that amazement. Yep. A great gentleman took everyone of us for a diachronic voyage in a very short span on the World Trade. The discussion was almost like an experience of a Time machine for us! Of course, he is none other than our beloved Academic Dean Arka Sir. He is indeed a human completely coded with multitudes of knowledge throughout!

It is quite a natural thing that whenever he takes a lecture, we used to get inculcated ourselves with tons of “Gyan” with no limitations to fun. That session was expectedly not an exception.

Let me articulate our experience of a Time machine on this discussion. It has started rolling back millenniums behind!

From the mapping of entire globe on the board, he has started his discussion about the origin of Europe and Africa few thousand years ago B.C. He has discoursed about what was actually happening by means of trade at various centuries and who were dominating the world at every point of time. He mentioned about the transitions over a few hundred years A.C. over the trade and economy and detailed about the inceptions of various ancient prominent civilizations like Mesopotamia, Harappa ,Indus and their rise and decline in the early centuries of first millennium. He has then shifted in elaborating on gradual global trading boom of the world and how various inventions facilitated in the holistic worldly development from 1000 A.C. Discovery of many American and Asian countries tardily started widening the globe and the scope of its trade as well over few later centuries.

Few more centuries passed on. From late sixteen hundreds, he has explained how colonialism came to picture and its existence led to dacoity worldwide. It was the time when the flourish was completely inclined towards only certain geographies like GBR, Italy, Greece, Egypt and a few in Middle East. Also, colonialism had its key role in the growth and blossoming of various national economies post eighteen hundreds. He accented the importance of developments in transport and communication in the history of trading.

Eventually, the trading journey came to nineties. Effects of world wars in the trading arena have been discussed and how United States wisely groomed at that point of time. Later on, he has mentioned the causes of economic freedoms of significant developing nations like China, India with their aftermaths. He has finally come to 2000 A.D and enunciated the role of currencies in the trade and the recent entry of EUROs in the trading market. He has also put light on the Indian trade graph headed at Mumbai and consequential anticipations. The periodic shift of world trade centre throughout this historical voyage made us to get into deeper rumination in predicting its future pitch. And, it was 2012! He has disclosed the ambiguity and anticipation in the upcoming centuries about the proclivity of economy and trade.

Finally, the time machine landed us on the current IST from millenniums behind. Such an intense and interesting discussion finally came to an end with few Q&A; from us. We were completely out of the world and conscience throughout the journey of this discussion of almost three hours. We got a far better lucidity in our existing knowledge about the worldly trading game.

Arka sir! You simply Rock. Awaiting many more such “Gyan” sessions from you in the offing!

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