Sunday, December 23, 2012

Voicing for a "Capital" Punishment !!

It is way beyond the talk of the nation and has taken its shape of agitation throughout our geography. Yep, I would like to pitch up on the protest on the incident which literally shocked, scared and shamed the whole country. Digesting this national issue would definitely take a longer time to almost everyone. This really makes every citizen of the country to get into intense grief and conscience of hangdog. 

The reason behind such a brutality is undoubtedly the existence of  imbalance in the consideration of womanhood  in the society.    Despite the empowerment and the encouragement of femininity in various fields, the habit of valuation of woman is still an accomplished goal in Indian minds. Perceiving mom as a cook and wife as a servant is still an imbibed attitude of India men even today. There is still a discrimination among the Indian parents in ascertaining their kids based on sex. Rationally, the blame should be placed on Indian tradition and culture for this criterion. Though the transformation has been inducted in Indian culture, the realization is still unreachable to many. This is the major source behind these kinds of savage activities in our motherland. Still Indian culture and customs not yet nurtured enough to value woman rather respecting them. Also, westernization and modernization are completely routing the culture to ultimately a wronger altitude. No matter wherever woman go or grow, unless men know how to value them, no point in debating about equalization in the society. There should be a complete change of attitude needs to be groomed in the minds of not only Indian men but also women. Despite the physical fragility, it is the duty of Indian men to safeguard and strengthen our women mentally so as to make them  moralizing the actual freedom in the country which is still a precarious expectation for them. This should be achieved with no compromise. 

Now, the query is not about the "gang rape". The reason behind the exaggeration. I would like to mean "Exaggeration" here as the sudden deep care and conscience of Indian people towards a social atrocity as if they used to care for everything. These kinds of rapes are remorsefully frequent happenings in many rural parts of the country specially in Bihar, Orissa and Andhra. In fact, last week similar cruel criminality  has been filed in a southern village in Tamil Nadu. So, thankfully, this incident has happened in our capital region which actually kindled the crowd to force the Government on imposing Capital Punishment on the criminals. (I apologize for using the word "Thankfully"). Fortunately,the place of criminality has become the cause for this revolutionary social congnizance. Hard truth is that these kinds of activities used to come to light only if they happen in cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai etc. Rural women are still surviving with huge sexual perturbations in their lives in villages and tier two regions. No one is involved in voicing for their serious causal effects. 

Anyways, this awareness at least would shake up the prospective bestial humans to stay rid of these kinds of apish activities in the offing. From streets to social media, the agitating referendum has been becoming viral.  Common man to celebrities voicing for the conviction. "Capital" region has been the cause for this lasting reachability of the protest. 

Serious condolence on that woman, in fact on the entire "womanhood" and I feel ashamed on myself that I have born  in the same country where such a brutality has happened!! Hoping for the severe conviction on those merciless beasts. 

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