Tuesday, August 11, 2009

proud 2 be a sastrite!!

ppl used 2 say tat leadin a lyf is lik a journey which is quite precarious! i go wit dis fact.. i ve felt the real gratification of ma lyf journey durin the days i spent in sastra.. befor start wit, wanna tel yu hw i joined sastra.. wen i finished skoolin, i was thinkin 2 join medicine or some othr eng inst n i neva thot of joinin sastra... but ma mom wanted me 2 be a sastrite.. so, by shroudin al ma dreams n hopes, i opted 2 dis inst so called sastra as a dayscholar...

rather than 16.08.88 (dis creature down 2 earth LOL!) , 11.07.05 is the most empyreal day in ma lyf.. the day i stepped into dis blessed coll(whic i neva kno at tat time).. the very 1st day i went 2 class (late asusual:-)) n sat in the bench without ny xpectations since it seemed dere were many studious n nerdy ppl around.. the day went as i thot fulla boredom:( tat eve i returned home n told ma mom tat she has broken ma wondrous dreamscape n fought wit her...

days passed on wit a radical change..beyond the intros, ppl started movin closer 2 me n i got ma own circle of frnds:) don wanna discriminate nyone:) warmth of frndship incepted wit sharin n fun..tats the time wen i started realisin tat wat ma mom did was almost rite..

the raggin xperiances i had in ma coll bus even make me 2 lie in laughter wen i think over now:) v ve commited wit the heritage of coll lyf so called class bunks... bunkin n goin 4 a movie bcame a quite usal n delectable thin in the 1st sem itself:)

months passed n v bcame the seniors...the atmosphere changed n begot some sorta guts within us.. intrepidly sastra bcame a perfect dainty place which divulged ma joys, fun, prattles, exults, woes n tons of such kinda be unfeigned, the things revealed tat sastra is ultimately a celestial environment 2 frisk which v dint kno at tat time..vdv 306,105,ctv 107,106...n finally 103..gettin snarled..? dis s the lista ma class rooms wher i benched dese four yrs:) source of un4gettable memories:) i neva laughed lik nythin r cried lik nythin even b4 or after these sastra days..

may be, i agree tat bein a dayscholar i mite ve misd the preciosity of coll lyf which dint purvey me the pleasure of bein a hosteller.. nyways sastra fed me wit buncha intense, deep n gr8 things whic wud definitely be useful 4 ma salubrious career... n no sastrite can able 4get dis paean "sastraaaaah sastraa!" am i rite...? :) specially in times of KS (kuruksastra):) n the things goes on if i keep on describin sastra..includin our farewel celebrations n parties wit lotta fun n njoyments:)

finally a day came 25-05-09 wen v wrote our final xam..after the xam i came outta the gate n turned back.. ma eyes were almost wet n wit no words in lips i boarded into bus n returned home..n hugged ma mom n thanked her 4 makin ma coll lyf so worthy n memorable...nyways gonna miss everythin now..frnds 're gettin outta contact gradually..nyways dis voracious place is no more be a veracious one 4 us :( everythin gettn dynamic in life now.. the oly thin i can tel now is "gud bye sastra" :( :( n proud 2 be a sastrite!!

wit luv,



  1. Hey really superb man........... v nice..........awesome......:)

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  3. Hey Guru Bai... This is really good... After taking the words you usually frame the story? or based on story you throw your words!... anyhow Nice JOB... office velayum konjam panreengalaaaaaa...

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    Super boss... Ungal sevai Wiprovuku thevai...!

  5. Hearty thanks Nandha !!! Will try ;)
    Sreenath !! Shukriya for your Like :)