Tuesday, January 24, 2012

~~Jai BajRang Bali - I ~~

Just now finished watching Final Destination(FD) 5 with complete darkness and stunning surround sound with all alone in my home and then fell down in my bed around 1.15 a.m. and kept alarm at 6.55 a.m. to get up in the morning. Tried to close my eyes tight to get into sleep inspite of horror thoughts of "FD" traversing in my mind :( :( Whenever some horror kinds of things happening in my life, naturally I would start chanting Hanumanth Chalisa without my sense and I did the same then!!!

"Good Morning !! Wake up, Wake up !! Good Morning..." my phone started alarming suddenly as I opened my half tight eyes with desperate hesitation and tried to stop or snooze it but it wasn't alarming when I had keenly noticed. But, the time was just 2.30 a.m. So, being clueless what had happened, fallen down again to deep one from half sleep.
Between, I heard a BGM chanting "Shree Guru Charana Saroj Raj, Nij Man Mukar Sudhari,Barnau Raghuvar Bimal Jasu,Jo Dayaku Phal Chari.." and I woke up hastily and sat on my bed !!"

Instantly tons of flowers started showering in my room and colorful lights glaring throughout my place and a small glowing fire spark ignited in front of me with an extremely brightened rounded plate revolving behind. I was completely astounded and immediately there heard an echoed voice.

"Hey Beta !! Sorry to disturb your sleep. Anyways, this is your Hanuman speaking. I am quite surpassed on seeing your Bhakthi towards me and its time for a boon to my true devotee!", the voice echoed.

"Oooops !! My Aanji has come ?!:) Seriously !! Is this really happening to me ?!! I am really clueless what to do now !!..." , I had started blabbering on astonishment to that talking spark.

"Yes. And, I wish to offer a special boon a.k.a mantra to you. You can make anything to happen by chanting this mantra but you can use it only thrice and validity expires by today 10.45 p.m.sharply!", the spark said.

"Oh Great !!", I muttered with thanks and still I keep on blabbering since I was moving beyond cloud eleven.

"And the Mantra is 'Jai Bajrang Bali!'. Chant this mantra thrice with eyes closed and placing your right fist near your heart.Whatever the objective you have on your mind while chanting, it would happen as you wished immediately!" and the spark started diminishing with lowering the volume of Hanuman Chalisa. In a while all flowers and lights had been disappeared.
I had fainted unknowingly it seemed and found no more remembrance of what had happened.

"Good Morning !! Wake up, Wake up !! Good Morning..." I had woken up and the time was 6.55 a.m. and got up finally. I had made my own tea since my parents were out of station and tuned to star cricket to watch out what was happening in Adelaide. And yes, seemed Aussies would humiliate us this time too. Aussies were batting first and the score was 394 for just loss 3 wickets. Clarke had crossed a century and Ponting was nearing dual century.
Suddenly, something which had happened last night stroke my mind. I was thinking about that it might be a dream but still like a kinder garden kid wanted to check it out once. Yep, I wanted to try the mantra which had been considered as a dream I had last night from my Hanumanji.
Anyways, with a hopeless contemplation I had closed my eyes and placed right fist near my heart and chanted the mantra on thinking of saving my country from the persistent humiliation of Aussies!!

1 - Jai Bajrang Bali
2 - Jai Bajrang Bali
3 - Jai Bajrang Bali

When I opened my eyes, I was sitting between two gorgeous white ladies in a grassy lawn kind of place with an Aussie painting on their faces and flag on their hands.

Yes !! I had been landed to Adelaide cricket stadium in no time without even a Visa formality !! Players who were playing on my telly were then playing live in front of me.. It seemed like nobody had noticed me. But I was flying beyond the peak of excitement..!

Zaheer had just finished the spell. And Gambhir was given a chance to bowl for the very first time in the international cricketing history. And yep, the mantra had started processing and the score at the end of the over was 394 for 9. Gambhir had picked 6 wickets in six balls. Dual Hatrick in the very first over of his international test history. Unbelievable stuffs were happening in the Adelaide ground. And, it was a time I was moving out from excitement to realization that my mantra really had its workability !!! Huge applauds from the NRI audiences over there and celebrations had started in the minds of all Indian cricketing freaks across the globe. Aussie fans were completely stayed clueless on what were going on there!!

Laxman was given to bowl the next over. He bowled with a pace of 178 km/h and bowled out the last wicket in his very first ball and it was double tonned Rickyman. Aussies were cornered to wound up to 394 in the first innings.

It was the time for India to bat. Confoundedly, Umesh Yadav and Master blaster were the openers. My mantra was on its full swing and in just 15 overs, India had scored 398 for no loss of wickets. Umesh had scored his debut test century and he was on the crease with 175* runs in just 48 balls.
And, yes, Little master had scored his most awaited hundredth ton at Adelaide to cheer millions of his sleepless fans. And he was on the crease with 202*. In another 10 overs, India's score had become 575 and then Umesh 208* and Sachu was 338*. MSDhoni suddenly unleashed the declaring announcement. (Nobody were clever enough to realize how Dhoni came to picture even after his ban on the current test!!)

Aussie batsmen again padded and started their second innings with a trailed score of about 181. Only two overs were left for "stumps" of the day.
Laxman started the spell, and yes got dual hatrick from his front. Now Aussie were 0/6. Average speed of his last over was 208 km/h !!

Indian Talisman had come to bowl the last over of the day and yes MS Dhoni. He picked rest five wickets but giving two runs on wide and finally Aussies were completely disintegrated with a "Tit for Tat" victory by Indians and then their second innings score was 2/10.

India won by an innings and 178 runs:) :) Miracles threading throughout the cricketing fans and global media. I felt more than grateful to my nation then and when I closed my eyes, I came back to my home in an instance and the awarding ceremony had started in star cricket. Task of my first mantra was done :)
Time was 9.45 a.m. I was supposed to start to office asap since it was getting very late. "Boons happening even in Kaliyug Man!!!!!", I muttered myself.

Got myself ready and boarded into the bus. Everyone in the bus and roads were very much impinged into the talks about Indian cricketing miracle happened overseas. I was giggling myself on seeing everything happening around me. All these street talks gave me a super heroic feel to me which cannot be described just as "superman", "spiderman" kinds of people felt offline..

It was 10.45 a.m., I was entering into my workplace. Many people were flooding here and there in morass. A series of fire extinguishing vehicles were entering into the premise and employees were announced to stay calm and to avoid chaos.

Police patrols had been parked on my way and the roaming employees were asked to move to safe assembly area immediately.

I get to know that something abysmal was going on at my work place and with no idea I kept walking in...


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