Tuesday, February 7, 2012

~~ Jai BajRang Bali – III ~~

A small gathering of people had formed along with me near a bakery shop near the bus stop who were looking on either sides to find time gap to cross the tightly packed road.

Suddenly, a hard tight palm holded my hand. When I looked aside, it was a weird middle aged personality with a dirty attire.

He was tall and trim with a light colored shirt and dark tracks. He was having a heavy beard which he might hadn't tried to shave from the day kapil dev had stopped playing international cricket along with a long tied hair style resembling a Saffron-less "Sadhu" kinda of a person seen in Varanasi. But, was wearing a branded black goggles even in that darklight. I couldn't recognize the reason at first since the goggle looked too sophisticated which never seemed belonging to this weird bucolic personality.

On starring at him, I had asked "What happened? Are you feeling sick or something?".
After a loud laughter on looking at me, the man replied, "I don't think so. But I am completely unaware how are you feeling now?!"
Instantly I had noticed the man having a long stick on his other hand with a small bag hanging to it and yes he was a visionless fellow as I guessed!!
Realising that he was blind, I had unholded his hand from mine and I had holded him back.
Apologised for my earlier query to him. "Sorry sir. I couldn't recognize it before.I will help you out, don't worry!"
"Thanks man!" he replied with a smile. He looked so pleasing and always indexing with a smile on his face.
"Can you please help me in crossing this road and leave me near railway station?", he asked me.
"Yeah sure sir. So where are you planning to go sir?", I asked him back.
"The train", he said.
"By train, where are you going but?", I asked.
He smiled again and said "The Train only. It is my workplace. I am selling some trivial things in local trains everyday.Staying nearby and now going for my work for the day. Hope, you got it now?".
He showed his small bag which had some rhymes and short stories books for kids, key chains, card holders and many tiny stuffs.
"Yes Sir. Sorry again!", I said.

The road was partially clear and we both together crossed the road and started walking towards the station.
While walking with him, I was intensely thinking like "On seeing these kinds of people on earth, there kindles an ire in our minds towards the creator of mankind!!
Why he is so irresponsible in his certain creations like this and on the other hand we are suppose to be cornered to thank him for creating us with no such deficiencies!!"

It was almost 8.45 p.m. That born blind fellow was telling about his melancholic story of daily life while walking which simply made my soul to cringe down.
These kinds of stories even dilute stony minds and I am not exceptional at any case.
Sometimes, being immature, these stories make us to think how cruel the almighty is !!!

After a minute's talk with him, I asked an instant query, "If you get vision suddenly now, what would you do sir?"

He laughed with zero intention on his tone and said, "Even after listening to my story, making fun of me??!! Never make me to think bad of you gentleman!"

"No seriously saying sir!What will you??", I said.
He had broken down into loud laughter which slowly transformed to a deep weep. "Stop making this non sense!", he uttered.
Between, I muttered the mantra on keeping my right fist near heart with the objective of making the world visible to this blind fellow here after.

1 - Jai Bajrang Bali
2 - Jai Bajrang Bali
3 - Jai Bajrang Bali

This time without my conscience itself, I had used the third one.

"Can you please stop it! Close your eyes tight and reopen!", I told him on interrupting his weepy laughter.

"You crap man! Want me to use my useless organ of the body? Stop being kiddish with me anymore and mind your own business please. Just leave me here itself. I will go by myself. Not a big deal. My stick will lead me better than you.Get lost please!!", he replied and furiously unholded my hand from him and pushed me aside.

"Yep. You can do things on your own here after. Nobody is needed to you stupid man!! Just do as I said and leave wherever you want !!", I replied back.

He was standstill for few seconds and suddenly removed and thrown out his branded goggles and his bag in air. All the stuffs inside his bag were scattered and rolling down throughout the road.
Yes, seemed my mantra had done its job. He had started blinking his new born retinas and kept starring around like a novice kid down to earth.

Instantly, he started shouting on excitement "Ohhhh yahhh!! yaaahhh!! It had happened to me. Something impossible this is..!!I can see my world now. Is this a car look like? Is this a man look like? I can see colors now..!!....Whao!! Unbelievable!! How come? oh no, those things which made sound all these years to me are now visible!! My world has been lighted from being complete dark!" and jumped rapidly on extreme exuberance on the road.

He came to me and hugged so tight and started kissing me. Though he couldn't see me before, somehow recognized me. Yep, blind people are extremely good in everything other than seeing.
"Thanks a zillion kid..You are more than being thanked by me !!
Who are you??? Who are youuuuu man?? Are you magician or someone?
Are you my daily deifying deity?? Was my wish for sight all these years audible to you?? My prayer to you had worked wise???...blah blah blah....", he kept on breathlessly speaking on emotion.

I had been extremely happy to see his zeal of getting vision. Heart felt to see him getting the most awaited thing of his life he was looking for all these years. On seeing his emotional outbursts, people gathered to watch him doing things like a crap on seeing things new...Everyone excalimed to watch him doing things so stupid suddenly.

Seemed this beard-man was getting ahead of excitement and started behaving like a mad. Started shouting on seeing everything for the first time in his life.He had broken down the stick and thrown it out somewhere long.

Suddenly, he had pushed out everybody who came nearby and started running in the highway recklessly with exhaustive enthu and Oh My God, everyone including me frozen in astonishment on the immediate happening on the highway in front of us!!!

Newly born eyes had been a horror blow to him.Yep, a huge heavy load truck had hit him when he had crossed the road rapidly without noticing the rashly coming vehicle in that highway.

He had been hotheadedly thrown out to the corner of the highway with the uncontrolled speed of the truck which failed to break down instantly. Everyone were stunned on watching this out live. Immediately we all ran to see what happened to him.
He was cracked down at almost every part of the body by the hard hit truck and bleeding found throughout his body. His neural part had almost come out of his head !! All bonical stuffs seemed broken down. I had seen him in a worst situation of a person which I never even wanted to happen to my deadliest enemy!!

"Please call 108 or something immediately. Or please ask them to get the ambulance of that hospital. Please Please,, Hurry up..!!! Come on guys..Let us take him out..", I screamed in shock to those who were gathering around.
Between, someone in the crowd had checked his breath and told us, "He is no more guys. Sorry. No use of taking him anywhere. Call the police instead to close the formalities."

OMG!!! I couldn't able to digest on what had happened to him in a minute's time.
Speechless on hearing him saying that he was no more.
It was all because of mine..?? My mantra had given him vision and took away his lasted life instead!!
What is this? My intention of doing something great to his life had kicked him out of this world??
Being a jinx, I felt extremely abysmal on using my boon in an absolutely wrong objective. Atleast he might have lived long with his routine worries instead of being killed by getting his eye sight in a while!!!

"Hey man !! You had killed him!! You bloody murderer !! Murderer!! Murderer!!How could you do this??", tons of voices echoed on my head like hell and was revolving me around. I felt like my head was breaking out with such echoes which were hurting me to the core !!!

With no idea of what happened later on, I had completely lost my mind and fainted down at the same place. And, remember like those people who were standing nearby with the existing chaos lifted me to take somewhere!!

And yes to nearby GHOSH hospital and I was immediately moved to ICU for a critical treatment !! My memory got diminished later on..


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