Sunday, September 9, 2012

It Happens!

     There are certain personalities in the world for whom there are certain things which always stay forbidden  in life despite their intentions! Tons of tremendous histories and stories might be behind this fact!

     I am one among those personalities for whom the most infamous place of imagination called "Library" never happened to be favourable criterion till my recent history. From my schooling spans to my work-life, I never ever happened to stay more than a while in such a devious place unless I had a purpose of meeting someone over there. Library was an unreachable place in my life just like mobile phone network inside an elevator. Also, incidentally, reading books has become the deadliest habit in my life about which my perception always keep debating with my practice. Unfortunately, I have been immunised to make use of Library cards everywhere wherever I happen to get.

     Cluelessly, my new journey of post graduation has brought the hugest possible transformation in my life by adding up a contradictory and controversial responsibility in my kart. Yes! I am surprised and modest in holding the post of "Library Representative" at Vanguard Business School. I have taken the charge of the responsibility over the place of books over here! It Happens! 
Any ways, life is more interesting being uncertain and unpredictable! 


     Fortunately or unfortunately, I am around tons of books here! All are indeed  invaluable treasures! Fragrance of these collections would supposedly corner me in flipping some of the pages. 
With the hope that my worth phase of life begins in such a pious ambience, I will move on! 

Again, it will be the prime responsibility of this place rather than mine to make me NERDY! Hopefully ;)


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