Monday, February 18, 2013

Pyaar Ka Punchnaama

“Committed” and “Break up” are kind of becoming status symbols these days primarily because of significant intervention and influence of western life style and social media.  I mean to depict about profound notion of today’s trend of ”Love”.  People are so much interested in responding others for these queries rather being interested in the people on whom they have fortunately fallen in so called relationship. Almost all the relationships are turning like recharge coupons with very limited validity which has been a popular trend in the society.  Funniest part of this crappy culture is that those supposedly committed freaks are querying those single people about their status and cracking poorest possible joke over them. I would like to deliver my laughter for their prank with a managerial justification sticking to it.

I could recollect about what one of my professors has said few months back when we headed to a business school life that “Management” and “Business” are omnipresent entities which could be imbibed in almost every possible thing in both personal and social life apart from corporate. I was having a perplexed perception on his saying till recent past, but these days I could able to relate everything happening in my life with management sticking to it. This interpretation might be because of my grooming in managerially matured state of mind.  But, I do not completely agree with this fact because I believe more in human perceptions rather on inhuman contemplations.  But I do agree that in all prospects, we can think from an angle of business or management. Alright, my recent application of this interpretation is on human relationships.

Few days back, one of my fellow friends asked me the same question. “Are you committed man?”. My response was just a laughter to the query before answering it which made him to make a wild guess that I am still single. He replied in marketing perspective, “If you could not even able to sell yourself to someone, how could you be able to sell other things and you could become at least a mediocre marketer in the offing?”. He is someone who is quite frequent in changing his relationship status in social media. I was cornered to reply him with the same marketing angle, “Unless you focus the appropriate target audience with intense research, no matter whatever you do to market your product. You will undoubtedly end up in a break up before your breakeven. “. He tried debating but I never used to waste my time in pointless debate which would end up almost in a zippo.
Although you do not believe in both philosophy and science, the bare truth of life is that you are down to earth to live independently. “Infatuation” and “Crush” are mere words of fantasy and fun which are in fact depictions of emptied flavours of life.  They might seemingly make your life funny but not comprised. So, solitude is something which travels with us throughout our journey till the day of expiry. This lacuna could never be replaced unless you find someone who could really stuff it with intensely true love and care which is something harder to achieve in this mechanical world. Until you find someone like them in your life, your relationship status makes no sense to the outside world and in fact you are showcasing it to yourself with a cracked mirror. Better stop wasting time in loving insane people and start kindling yourself to love yourself first which would make more sense instead. If your relationship is fading with time, why the hell you want to fall into it rather you could jump out of it. For people especially like me who are extremely choosy in admitting people in the radius of our world, how come it would be a cake walk in focusing on our target market followed by better positioning? Using strategies in a bountiful market is something equivalent in par with writing your name on a shore where the waves are quite frequent. Try to figure out your niche market segment before becoming an entrepreneur.

Until then, dare to stay single rather depending on someone!

*This article is strictly not intentional and not targeted towards anyone. And, purely fun intended with fictitious characters in it.

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