Sunday, November 20, 2011

CraZe OR MaZe ?!

Typical mandatory criterion for a bridegroom in an upper or lower middle class of a hindustani family today is that "He should be in US or planning to go there after his shaadhi". The trend is becoming more common these days.To be unfeigned, the Indian population in US has a growth rate of 69.3 from 2000 to 2010. These people are so called as American Indians. The rate of inhabitants getting Green card is also going high.In fact, some people even define "Settling down" in life as mere settling down in US or leading a green carded life. I am really clueless on looking out these crazy touchstones getting round among many residential Indians towards non residentials. Of course, corporate sectors play a major role in most of the cases!! It is becoming dime a dozen kind of thing among Indian parents to look for a bridegroom with a government tag on his job profile these days. Crazy !!!

I am not a kind of fellow relegating against the people working for US or any western welfare. Obviously I cant, being from the same sector working for a US based telecom corporate. Life is all about leading it beyond borders. I really do agree. But never try to walk out of tradition being an Hindustani.
I really wanna know about the bedrock behind this craze among people?? What the hell of firmament is happening over there which is supposedly not found here? Does mere money making mentality plays a better role in the minds of those goofs..?
Western frenzy is almost imbibed in our lifestyle from extreme extravagance to inner wears. Obfuscating this truth might absolutely be an absurd. And, no issues of misnomer in this fact.
What is all about a nation called United States? And about US government? Do they really stay a warming welcome yard for these desi people? Undoubtedly doesn't hold true.
The truth is transparent to the people who are aware of the heinous crimes exhibited in the lands of vietnam, philipines, afganistan, iraq and the list goes on.
History reveals the unlimited atrocities of US government and army over tons of unarmed civilians over the years. Recently happened barbarity on Iraq which has become a covert crucial history was not all about kicking Sadaam out of the tyranny but to keep the Gulf oil resources on their loop. Even if not Sadaam was there in power, US might have executed the same flagitiousness over middle east. The acrimony behind the fact is that people of Iraq hate Americans more than they hated Sadaam. This brickbat itself ample enough to prove the asphexiating war over the innocuous innocents over there.
Yet another recent war initiative of US over Afghan. Do you really think that those efforts are mere avenging tracks against Osama or taliban or whoever? Definitely Not. They found a solid reason to mount their military bases in the middle asia by annihilating thousands of lives. After achieving everything over a huge exterminating process, they have found this criminal fellow in a rustic place in Pakistan. More than a dramatic achievement by US troops !!
Apart from various sites, some wikileaking cables are also found with solid proofs for all the atrocities done by US troops and such a master planning is still under progress. India being on dynamic development phase is not too far from these cruel stuffs unless a staunch stentorian united democracy is achieved here.This might sound practically impossible right away. But, we are cornered to get out of it else our nearby nationals would change their tails against us at any time. Stupid hindrances to our atomic establishment in Koodangulam is the best example for a deterring initiative of the people from your dream land. They would seem like bolstering us until their ass are started being kicked by Indian tags. Universal IT centered known factoid is that they need our brains until it get drained completely. In no time, they can turn around !! Chances are there to kick all green cards out of their place.
But still our craze is grooming towards such a cruel minded nation to settle down?? Does it make any sense if you ask the same to your neural organ?
I am not a kind of fellow against those green carded people. But, never ever prefer to behave like an NRI though you are possibly not! One of the best example would reveal this. My friend told me last week about his Non residential Indian uncle who's kid had a qualm about India when they have planned to come here for a vacation. And it was "Do Toilets are available in India??"
Indian kid in US is having this query on her mind?? Don't we feel ashamed on behalf of those parents who have grown such kinds of Indian kids abroad?? Earning money must be mere a part of life rather making this part as your life. Dollars and pounds might make your lifestyle westernified but do remember your roaming days of wallet with Rupees. Sophistication is also fastidiously gleaning in India too. You can find all those western stuffs from junks to pubs here. What the hell else you want here? To be precise, you can even lead an uncultured life here if you really want but opt for green cards only in that case.
Only obligation to you all. This is our motherland. This is our birth place. This is our parent world. You need not get back here unwillingly but never dispose those people living over here as if we are bucolic. We might seem poor in economy but not in tradition and culture. Sounds very abysmal when you feel bad of your mother country. We have a government here which would keep watching on just like what it has done on Lankan issue when our own blooded people were exterminated unconditionally. If any such kind of thing would happen here in near future,the Government would keep doing the same. Never stay out if the country happened to get troubled in the years to come.
The context might seem irrelevant from immigration to extermination. But, if you happen to think intensely, might get chances of getting struck with the relevance so said to e "Nationalism"!!

Never construct a maze on your own due to this worthless craze!! We have lots of miles to travel here rather there !! Never let such kinds of rigors to happen in this divine land !!

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