Wednesday, April 27, 2011

~~Keep Going and Keep on Going~~

A 'Take Diversion' signboard cannot stop the journey. When you look beyond, ends become bends. Potholes and speed breakers can slow down the journey, but do not have the power to stop the journey. The bullet that has left the gun must now hit the target. It cannot return to the gun. Journey begun must be journey completed. Project taken must be project accomplished. Purpose identified must be purpose served. Failure isn't an option. Retreat isn't a possibility. Keep going. Keep on going.

The world can stop you only temporarily. The only one who can stop you permanently is yourself. Stop not. Temporary setbacks should never alter permanent focus. You may trip. You may even fall. But, you will not stay fallen. Let life put you down seven times. You will, and you must rise eight times. Getting up one more time is what resilience is all about. Keep going. Keep on going.

You are just one evening away from greatness। You may not know which evening, but your time will come. All those who laughed at you will look up to you one day. All those who didn't accept you will admire you one day. Don't be bothered about what the world thinks of you. It is not their opinion that counts. It is your opinion of yourself that really counts. In the end, what really matters is what you think of yourself. Even if nobody believes in you, if you believe in yourself, then the destination is yours. Keep going. Keep on going.

Every failure, every setback, every defeat are mere temporary finishing lines. Life holds her bounties beyond the imaginary finishing line. For a resolute soul, there are no finishing lines. Go beyond the finishing line. Need be paths may be changed, processes will be altered, but not the goal. If you must detour, you will. But you will not give up. You will not give in. A place for you, out there at the top, is already reserved with your name written on it. No mortal forces, self-created or inherited from outside, is going to stop you from reaching there. Persist. Persevere. Prod on. Push yourself. Pull yourself. Keep going. Keep on going.

It is not the end till you accept it to be the end. Do not let others to define the end. You define the end. You will define the end on your terms. It is over only when you believe it is over. Even if life hands you over a period (.), you make a comma (,) out of it and continue the script. The question isn't, “Will you reach?” The question is only, “By when will you reach?” Sooner or later is the only question. Keep going. Keep on going.

Let the script of your life be titled, “Here is a man, whom, even God never tried to stop.”

Be unstoppable. Keep going. Keep on going.

~~GuRu bHaI~~
(Excited Being Alive)

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