Wednesday, April 27, 2011

~~Kudos to Team India~~

Cricketing extravaganza came to an end and finally it has happened after I have born. Yep. MSD has made it to happen. Kudos to team India and ofcourse the most responsible and reverent person who deserves for this, Master Blasterji. Team India have done it for both things what I have mentioned in the last post.

It is not mere luck or so what some jobless geeks talk and crack about the champions. I want to throw a rhetoric question to those who is still believing that luck played a role in TI's triumph. Can you just imagine that luck would make a team to chase a target of 275 in the finals of a world cup even after two giant mastered hopes walked out of Wankhede? Pressure was at its peak everywhere! Never! And the fellow who is supposedly a middle order batsman who hasnt hit even a single half century throughout the series has made it when TI was mandatorily needing it from him. He has really meant his responsibility at the right time. Adding marvellous strike of Gauti in the ground to this Voracious chase to whom I have prayed to play well for the first time in my life. The real impact of perseverence,hard work and the team spirit worked out here to make them to kiss the trophy and not the LUCK.

It is not only all about winning the final game alone. They have crossed all endeavours by dimnishing the debacles on their way. Zaheer, Bhajju, Raina, Ashwin and ofcourse Yuvi are deserved for this spectacular journey we have ever seen in the history of indian cricket for the past one month.

When ever you think of Soccer or Football, the next moment "Brazil" would strike the minds of everyone even to those people who don't know what actually the game is all about. And we need the same to happen when the same people think of cricket or surf for cricket in wiki or google,"Team India" should top the list in the offing. Hopefully that day is not so far folks! Let us make them to learn to play with bats too despite everyone chasing the same ball throughout the game.

Way to go TI. Keep going and keep on going! Let your thundreous triumphing phase persists in the upcoming series too. Awaiting watching it.

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