Thursday, April 28, 2011

~~My Life at Chennai~~

"suno to zara hum ko hai ye kehna waqt hai kya tum ko pata hai naso gayi... wake up sid saare pal kahe wake up sid chal kahin chale..."

Finally I have stopped the snoozing with half-eyes open.. Yep.. My alarm keeps on buzzing aside from 5.25 a.m. Its almost 6.55 a.m. now. Asusual my plan of going for an early jog has been dropped. "Its time to wake up Guru" I said to myself and after a brush landed again on the bed with the paper .
Awaiting the most zealous moment of my day. Yep.. Sipping the coffee made by my mom. No words to describe it. She did and it has arrived it to my palm and the chanting "Haree venkatesa praseetha praseetha, priyam venkatesa prayaccha prayaccha...." got dimmed as she has reached the kitchen. The only time when my heart feels so fresh in a day.
Its 7.25 a.m. "Where do these people get guts to loot this much money? What they gonna do with these? Indian government is getting extremely polluted. Unless our administration is refreshed again, no clue about India's flourishing future.. This is what V.R.Krishna Iyer (Former CJI ) also said in an article.. Read it without fail Guru.." My dad has started a routine discussion about Indian politics which is quite common in our living room at this time. And myself too added some points to those present poor corruptive crusades and discussion jumped to comic election campaigns and suddenly I have read an article about cricket and telling him tat " its time of cricket extravanganza bapa. Team India has dethroned Aussies and all indian fans were awaiting the next exciting Indo-Pak semi's at Mohali." he was asking me back "why do you people give this much importance to mere a gaming event when the country is facing tons of debacles in many other means.? " And when I have started answering this, Mom shouted "Guru bhaiya!! its 7.50!!!" and reminded me tat its time for a bath.. Guess we used to talk more about these corruptions and campaigns rather than those parlimentary people who were actually appointed and ofcourse paid for.. In fact, my dad is one among those whammy people community who used to do R&D in each and every pages of newspaper :) :)

After a bath and instant Sandhya (daily deity prayer), have seen pulpy sets of pooris with alooo sabji (potato side dish) on my reddy plate placed on the dining table with both watery heads and tongue. What a combo! Again I did not find any words to describe it. he he :) Seems my mom has not known the meaning of word "enough".. When ever I say it, she used to place two more on my plate.. Ofcourse all Moms used to do it :) Its 8.20 a.m. now.And immediately after a hand wash, a cup of chaya (tea) has arrived and before its linger vanishes, I have dressed up and almost in a ready state to start to office. I have shouted and searched for socks by tuning for some of my favourite songs in the music channels parallely.. Guess those 24x7 music channels are keenly noticing me getting ready through satellite or so, that whenever I sit down to wear my shoes, they would play "Zorkha jatka" track from "action replay" one of my favourite videos and this coincidence used to happen daily at the same time. Thanks to 9XM,Zoom or whoever plays it:)
Its 8.35 a.m. now. My Mom asked me whether I have done with and took everything? I said a BIG YES and went out. Dad was waitning outside with the bike to drop me out and I came out and got into it. And we have started but suddenly asked him to stop and walked back and asked mom to bring my sennheiser (head phones) which is one of my perfect companion that keeps me alive whenever I feel lonely :) I have forgotten to take this one today and it would be some other thing tomorrow. To forget is human :)

Dad dropped me in the East tambaram bus stand and left back. T or C? this is what I used to look for. Yep. T51 and C51 are the two mobile metal boxes which would carry me till Sholinganallur where my work place is located. Sorry suppose to say chennai MTC buses.

Thanks to MTC to keep a single seat in driver's row at the corner where I love to sit and sometimes you would feel like driving that huge eight wheeler. That is how I convince myself, but the actual reason behind is that usually you cant find any pulling chicks inside my bus. So better to sit here itself with no hard feelings. I really dont have clue that how do those dainties residing in my place travel? Or atleast where do they go? That day too I have got into the same place in a C51 bus.

Suddenly I got a pat and heard a voice "hello sir! nethu office ku leave polarku?" (did'nt go to office yeaterday? ) some one asked me from the back and sat aside me in the specialized seating of the vehicle! "Hi ! Illa, nethu naa office ku seekrama kalambittaen. saptacha Ramesh? ena special iniku?" I asked him. (Nope. I have started earlier yesterday. Had break fast? anything special?) Yep. He is the driver of that C51 and of course has become my friend in the recent days by being seated nearby daily.
He has pushed on the gas and the bus has started moving. Sharply 8.45 a.m.I have played "Ho love of mine..with a song and a whine..You’re harsh and truths and a lie..but the tale end is not here....... Tune mere jaana.. Kabhi nahi jana.. Ishq mera dard mera.. haaye… " in my Yari (mobile). Recent intense romantic track written by an IITian about the misery of his true love which has simply touched my soul. Eerie silence has followed. Yep..Guru has fallen asleep in deep.

"Sholinganallur!! Nallur.. Nallur.." Some one knocked and cracked my dream of rescuing Anushka Sharma from slipping down when we were walking towards the Victoria Falls located on the Zambezi River between the countries of Zambia and Zimbavae shown by Bear Grylls last night in Man Vs Wild which is really a lovely place to hang out. The shouter was none other than the conductor of the vehicle who wanted the people with their dreams and creams to get down and we did it.

Its 9.20 a.m. and I have got down, walked towards my office but alone this time. The person whom I have rescued from a deadly deep has left without even saying a formal thanks :( Life is crazy yaar!! "O Ondru Kulla Ondra, En Nenjikulla NindraO Konjam Konjam Aagha, Uyir Pichi Pichi ThindraAva Oththa Wartha Sonna, Athu Minnum Minnum PonnaO Enna Solli Enna, Ava Makki Poana "
Sounds like a situation track eh? Yep. Even I thought the same. So have stopped the media player, kept my mobile inside and continued walking.

And its sharply 9.30 a.m., I have entered my ODC (Offshore Development Center) and Wished "Good morning" to people over there and specially to Ganeshji (my picturised calender on my table) and smiled at my momento quoted "YOUR CHOICES REFLECT YOUR CHARECTER" given in my project and switched on my PC with no reactions on face.

After checking some useless corporate mails and funny ones from friends, started working on CCMIP (the module I am responsible for). I was doing Unit testing for that module which has been ported by our team. I don't wanna get into too much technical on my work:) Simply I have started my work for the day.
Its 10.45 a.m. In a while, "Hi Guru! How is it going?"! Someone asked me from my back.
It was not actually a someone! My Manager Sri..
"How is it going?" It is a template question he asks everyone working over here four times a day.

Whenever he asks this, you can tell him like, "I had a huge fight with my girl friend last night and we have decided to get broken up!" or "This weekend I am planning to go to Rio with my friends in PVR cinemas" or "tomorrow is friday" or bla bla bla... he he :) I mean What ever you say, he wont bother. He feels like his job is to ask you and not to listen to you.. I said him something like that and he left after listening.

Its 10.55 a.m. "Hi Guys!! Are you people gone dumb? come on! say and laugh some thing to reveal that you are alive..dont fall into the computer monitor and break Wipro property.." some funny voice entered and its none other than Uma Shankar who is actually responsible to keep our ODC lively and active whenever people are dragging with those million lines of code.
Thanks to him for being the source of fun over there. Great work man!
Amidst fun and work, again I would get the same template question but this time in his cubicle. After telling bla bla bla, I would keep on working on it..

Its 1.12 p.m. "Lady looking like ah Cinderella Cinderella, nooding lokking like thendrella.Lady looking like ah Cinderella Cinderella, ennai vattamidum thendralla"

My mobile ringing..
"Machi Shall we?? Come to junction in sharply 5 min. Today I will have your lunch box and you should eat nellore meals.. okay va?"

Crazy fellow came into picture now! Yep its Nappy and he is damn crazy about home made foodies.. Sorry Mr.Naveen..One of my recent good pal to whom I used to disclose my personals unknowingly ;) ;) And literally, a banker for all of us! But only thing is that you need not give the money back until you need it again from him in a while ;)

"Jaldi aavo Naveen and pls don't make late" I told him and started to walk towards junction point. Since he was very poor in hindi and ofcourse tamil too.. I am teaching him at all instances where I do get chances ! So, with the hope that he would be grammatically good in both dictions atleast in the offing.
Junction point- a place where we people meet up and from where we used to walk towards cafeteria together.

Asusual, I went there late and two fellows were waiting for me with reddy faces!
One was obviously naveen and I have to mention something about the second one before I disclose his name.
This is fellow used to come to cafe with us as if he has just now arrived from the airport and kept his huge trolly in his place and coming with us just to eat.
May be he might feel like he would gonna take the charge of Mr.Suresh Senapathy (Wipro CFO)in a couple of months. And also, he used to strictly follow so called "professional ethics" in all means what we were taught in our induction training as if his leads have kept hidden cams all over and watching him how he was behaving with people outside the ODC too! The person who was meant for all the above descriptions is Mr.Shiva.. he he :)
1.25 p.m. We three mushketeers walked towards cafeteria as if we were gonna achieve something! Partially "YES" for those two..

Crowdy and noisy dining has appeared in front in the second floor and it is named "Ratna cafe" here. They both used to say that they prefer Ratna cafe for its taste. But its ultimately waste in its taste but something is behind this saying.
After entering I have found a cracky smile on both of their faces. Yes their achievement has been done asusual! They met Miss.Sharadha! Our college fairy (so called,but 'm not interested).. They used to feel like, last evening they had a meet up with her and all of them took a mutual break up and gonna be friends here after.. Yep.. Imagining themselves as Vineeth and Abbas :) he he :)Finally they came out of the long queue and got their meals and we three sat together in a table.
In a while, three more devils have departed to our table.
One among was Kango. she is famous for her traditional punches.. And everyone has to be careful while getting a pay back from her for our words ;) "Punch Kango!!!"

And the next was Raji.. Whenever we all of us sit and eat together in a table, people from outside used to think that we are having lunch with a chinese client or with a girl from northeast..That is how she looks.. Like a chinese girl. But the truth behind is that she is actually from a deep southern village of tamilnadu but looks so. Ofcourse, a perfect village kind of girl.

And the next one is also from the same village, named SV Ice. Really a cool headed girl amidst us. Can you have a lucid laughter on ur lips when the person for whom your heart really beats is gonna get married in a couple of months?! But she could and she does.. Then, obvioulsy cool headed right?! Our hearty condolence to you SV.. Sorry "Rooks".. This is how her friends used to call her when she was in US...he he :)

All these people before seeing there own plates would start looking at my SMALL lunch boxes to get openend. Mainly their eye balls used to roll towards my side dish box.. Unfortunately (may be fortunately) I brought "Bindi" (Lady's finger) that day and it was found by them before I came to know..

Shiva has filled up the table with his traditional PJs :) Food and fun in the same table we had:) Only time in office you would forget about the stress, pressure or whatsoever you have in the cubicle is when you have lunch with your pals..
Common skeptic question we used to ask ourselves in the cafeteria when we look up from from foodies is that "Where do these gorgeous gees come from? Do they really work in wipro? Or somewhere else and coming to our cafeteria only to eat?Neither of our ODCs have these bees :(:(:( But still how come these????" And we did not get the answer for this yet :(
Its 2.15 p.m. We were done with what for we have come here and started walking back to our respective ODCs on a merciless sunny summer noon.
Its 2.25 p.m.I have entered mine and walked towards my PC..
"Boss!! Whats up with your UCF yesterday? Did my pen work out there?" a voice came some forty five degree inclination from my cubicle! (UCF- our useless official competency exam.. Have to cross 70 to pass within "n" number of attempts;)
Yep.. Its none other than our Captainji! Mr.Logs! Who used to lead our cricket team to "super over" losses every weekends with those poor opponents;)
"Yep! your pen has worked something out and made my score 58 :(:( Tons of thanks for your greatest favour! keep your pen safe.." I replied him back..
"Say cheers man! Even I got same 58 with this pen!!!" he said and we both laughed with no intention behind :)
He is such a funny fellow and belongs to that kind of "Sachinism" community whom even wont bother a call for date from his girl friend, if sachin is padded live on the field.

And 'm back to work and working.. working and working :(:(
You know what is the hardest thing in the world? Working after Lunch! God save us please!

Its 3.55 p.m. Its time for Sri and he did his job again and I have paid him back with something which did not bother asusual..

Its 4.45 p.m."Lady looking like ah Cinderella Cinderella, nooding lokking like thendrella.Lady looking like ah Cinderella Cinderella, ennai vattamidum thendralla"
This time its my mom. "Hey Guru bhaiya! Had lunch in time? Met your friends?How is work going? Whats up Sri? When you will be coming to home today?" I answered for everything and spoke with her for a while and again got into my work:(

Mothers are the only people down to earth that, whenever they feel hungry, would start worrying about the appetite of their kids rather than worrying about their own! Crazy truth of Life:)

My mom/dad/sister or some old friends accidentally call and at max I used to get hardly two to three calls a day. Rest of the calls and messages would be from Airtel Customer care.. I am lazy enough to activate that "Do not disturb from my mobile" So, these people used to think that I am speaking and texting my girl friend often. And even if I say "NO", they would not bother and keep on teasing me.. OMG! Save Guru please!
Again I was keep on working:(

Its 5.15 p.m. "Hello boss! Shall we?" I got a message in my IP messenger. (Local communicator)Its Sundar, who is my all time companion in my ODC. We used to go out for breaks or wherever from the very first day I have joined this project.. He would look like an extremely calm fellow and once you start mingling with him, you would come to know his actual scale of calmness ;) ;) His mobile used to ping him every ten minutes and till today I really don't have any clue to whom he is talking to ;) ;)

"Sure! Let's go.." I replied him. Its our C-V break time.. (Chaya-Vada) We went out and had the greatest snack of south india so called "Vada" with a nameless lingering side dish.. It was bit rainy that day and it was absolutely amazing to have hot vada at that skyline and breeze.. Kudos to that master who made it and only if you come at this time, you would get this fantastic combo snack as if he is preparing for our sake:)
After having it we went to cafeteria and ordered two chayas to our odiya chaya maker to whom I used to blabber something in broken hindi and he would reply me back something which I don't even get anything. We did the same thing that day too..
He gave us two cups of hot tea with superlative taste and we had it by watching highlights of England Vs Netherland WC cricket match.

Its 5.45 p.m.We were back to work again.. "En kadhalae.En Kadhalae..Ennai enna seyya pogirai??" Crazy Uma shankar got some speakers with him and started playing some love-weary songs..And the real intention behind it was he wanted us to ask him that who has broken his heart today? he he :) but We did not and he wont stop playing and singing those till we do it. Finally he himself would tell his love story of that day to everyone. Every day he used to tell many new ones. You have a great future in script writing UmaS! Just try in Cine industry for a far better career;)

And its 7.10 p.m. now. Felt like tired of working and went to Sri's place to update the status and it was the time when he properly listen to the status what we people say! Yes! Fourth time of the day :)

I told him like today I made some four test cases "PASS" Sri.. He felt like hugging me and threw a childish smile towards me as if he has got a call from his ex-girlfriend to whom he has broken up in college days. And after updating everything I came back to my place and said bye for the day to those who were statying over there..

Its 7.35 p.m. I have left for the day and walked towards the Sholinganalur bus stop and reached the place. This time I could not even get a place to be seated in a MTC bus. I have found dozens of people travelling in just last step of the bus as if they were flying on wheels. Even If I were the only fellow to stand in a bus too, I wont prefer to travel in it. And it is the worst case now! How could I?In fact,I was lazy and tired too. So obviously dropped my plan of opting for a MTC carrier asusual.

Its 7.45. p.m."Tambrein..Tambrein..Tambrein" one fellow was shouting near me and ofcourse he has found out that I am gonna opt for his vehicle only, from my face as if it has been written on my forehead. I did as he thought and got into it. The vehicle is so called Share Auto (an expanded auto like vehicle which carries various people on its way and drop them in their respective places).

By sitting in it, I have seen people crossing me in bikes and laughed at them.

"Don't they really feel bored of carrying the same girl everyday?" he he :) Share auto stands here!!! And these drivers won't let you travel with the same girl every day.. he he :)

Auto was completely filled up and the driver made it moving.I have played my media player again and we felt like we were treking on northern Alps in a "Mountain traveller" till we reach Meadavakkam (a place on my way back). So many ups and downs on it way as if people used to say we would face it in our entire life :)
Thanks to the government of Tamil nadu that atleast the road looked smoother later on and we were back to feel like we have landed safely from the hills:)

Its 8.15 p.m. now. "Stop it in the left anna..I have to get down" I told the driver and got down in my stop and walked towards my home along with those downy people in my street who were also seemed that they were back from work.
And my dad was standing near the gate and asked me "Why dear? this much late today?" as if I am coming earlier everyday ;) "Had some work bapa.. Thats y :( "..Had a chat with him outside for sometime and got into home..

Its 8.45 p.m."Good performance Santhosh! Amazing.. Work on your lower notes and it would be even better next time.. All the best!!" Unni krishnan (Classical singer) was praising the contestant Santhosh in Airtel Super Singer Season 3 which was telecasted on the Television. (A good Music show which we all used to watch everyday).. Mom was watching and I was teasing her for fun for a while and went in to take my bath..

When I was back, it was Rottis and Dhal on the dining and I had it before changing into my night attire:) Had a cup of milk too..

Then was watching TV for some more time and Its 9.30 p.m. now..Took my lap and checked all the likes,friend requests of those old friends and funny updates to my pics and comments on FB for sometime.. Chatting with those overseas buddies and its 10.20 p.m. now..Mom and Dad were almost slept. My eye lids were meeting up persistently and reminding me that its time to sign off for the day.. So I have sighned off from FB too and walked towards my bed..

And noticed the date on the calender on my way that it was 22nd March 2011..The same day last year I have stepped out of my home to start my career journey in my life. And I could'nt believe that Its one year since then today! Yep I used to note the date only at nights before I sign off for the day.. "You are getting older guru!" I tapped myself and walked again..I was finally down for the day!!

This is all about the things that happen in a week day of My Life at Chennai!!

Thanks for bearingt it while reading guys:)


~~GuRu bHaI~~

(Excited Being aLive)

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